Object Speech Reflection

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In preparing for the presentation, did you learn something about yourself? What? How did the object speech transform your self-perception?

In my particular speech I wouldn’t say I necessarily learned something new, more so that I reminded myself of something I had lost. What I lost is the motivation to truly excel. Not just be average at something or even good. Seeing those medals again reminded me of how good I was at that particular thing, and how much better I was at other things than my peers and how I wasn’t realizing my full potential.  I lacked the motivation to be truly great and be better than others at certain things. A big part of achieving want I want in life is to reestablish a great deal of discipline within myself, as that’s probably the most important thing on my road to greatness.


How was the experience of giving written feedback for your peers? Did it change the way you listened to your classmates’ presentations?

The experience of giving feedback to my peers was kind of enlightening in the sense that most times I tend to not pay attention to people mostly, not necessarily through fault of their own, but because my own attention is very short sometimes. But for whatever reason I was pretty focused while doing these exercises and I got to actually provide some thoughtful feedback that I feel would contribute to my classmates that got it.


If you were to give an object speech again, would you do anything differently? What and why?

If I gave another object speech I would definitely plan out the speech a little bit better. I think I did a pretty good job in the first 3 minutes but I kind of got lost in my thoughts after that point.

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  1. vgunter

    hi ddancil! Getting a constructive criticism can be an eye opener to us you mentioned that you saw your lost as a motivation indeed it is a motivation as it allows you to know that you can move on and using that lost as a stepping stone in going forward in life. It is not easy to loose someone or something you love but what you can do is to cherish the memories and use it as a guide in your daily life whether it be teachings that you have gain or whether it allow you to look at life on a broader arisen hence we never allow our lost to captivate us in a way the we cant press forward.

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