Object Speech Reflection

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In preparing for the presentation, did you learn something about yourself? What? How did the object speech transform your self-perception

When i was preparing for my presentation i realized that i am not scared to talk about personal stuff that happened, i am just got scared of how people would react during or after my speech. After the speech i realized that i had nothing to be afraid of and i saw that a lot of my fellow peers were supportive and encouraged me to explain what my tattoos meant and what they mean to me.


What did you learn from the peer reviews? What kind of feedback was the most helpful?

I learned that i could have went into more detail into how i overcame the events that happened and how they taught me lessons on how to improve myself. The feedback was helpful because now i would be able to go into more detail in my next speech.

If you were to give an object speech again, would you do anything differently? What and why?

i would have changed how i told the class how i overcame the death of my two close friends. I also would have talked more about what i learned after their deaths and how i changed as a person because of it.

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