Object and Reflection

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In preparing for the presentation, did you learn something about yourself? What? How did the object speech transform your self-perception?

Doing a speech in front of people can be very nerve recking and not so easy as people would think. Having everyone directing their full attention on you, you would now have to think that I have to do my best and do a great job at it. I wanted to have an object that represents who I am and what i stand for hence choosing the object I used, even though my audience was well engaged i felt that i could have done much more to keep them entertained. I have learnt that when you have the support of others when you do a presentation it tends to come more easier for you to just relax and speak freely hence the nervousness will disappear.I also learned that i could work on my body language and tone, as this will allow people to see that I am confident and I know what I am about, also asking question is one way in which I could have gotten the class more involved.The object transform my self-perception as I treated the props like it was real and I showed dedication and creativity.I then summarized all about myself and did the speech in my comfort zone and it was a success in my eyes and others.

Did you notice any commonalities across your classmates’ presentations? What are they? What did other students’ speeches make you feel?

Yes there were some  commonalities  in our  presentation as we all showed that same sentiments for our object to which we spoke about and I was able to relate to my peers as we all shared the same common interest. We were able to leave the class with a final message in our minds instead of lost and having to ask more questions. It allowed us to think on the spot as to what will come next. The different speeches however made me  become aware of how people feel and think about different things it gave me an eye opener and left me feeling rejuvenated and and alive. I left the room gaining new knowledge and ideas and that was a plus on the presentations.

What did you learn from the peer reviews? What kind of feedback was the most helpful?

I have learnt that constructive criticism allows you to gain growth and being evaluated when doing a speech we should always use the sandwich method wherein which you give what you liked about the speech then to cushion it you then tell what the speaker could have done better in doing this speech making recommendations will allow us as writers to improve our writing skills and also gain more knowledge. Lastly you close off your evaluation by telling other things you loved about the speech and what you can take from it to make you a better person. My evaluation was very honest and I am now equipped to present a much better speech because I am now appear of how to grab my audience attention  through my evaluation feedbacks.

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