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The story I found on this topic I think can really help people on overcoming public anxiy. This article mainly talks about different music/music festivals that are very social. The author talks about people doing research on why a lot of people that have anxiety resort to music. The results that they came up with are shocking, it states that people when they listen to music it releases pleasure in to the brain and reduces stress. I think this is very important because everyone I believe needs to feel good about them selves. This bring me to the point that we talked about in class which is types of listening. In this case I would like to point out that listing to music would be appreciated listening because you get pleasure from it. Another thing is that these festivals let a lot of people talk with each other and practice how to be social I believe this is a great thing. Also we did talk about the social penetration theory which basically relates to a onion and getting to know a person by uncovering layers and getting more intimate. I personally find this interesting because in the article it states a lot of people socialize and get to know each other on deeper levels by the bonding of music and music festivals and getting to express them selves with out worrying about public anxiety.

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  1. Hansol

    Piotr, thanks for sharing an interesting article on the power of music! Can you perhaps structure your post in a more coherent way — by breaking it down into different paragraphs and expand on each idea? You do have a structure but it’s not clear because everything is clumped together in one paragraphy. Try breaking it down into summary/general information about the article and your response to the research findings. Another suggestion is to find a title that illustrates your post. 🙂 Well done!

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