Objective Speech Refletion

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What did you learn from the peer reviews? What kind of feedback was the most helpful?

I feel that when presenting people including myself are so focused on their nerves and in my case not mispronouncing words, that you don’t get to notice if you are doing well or not. I learned from the peer review that the audience was not so focused or maybe didn’t mind or notice how nervous I was. They were more engaged on what I was saying and what I brought to the presentation. Meaning that the feedback I received was not personal but it was more general/impersonal. Getting negative feedback does not always make anyone feel well, but in this case it helped me know that I was on the right track. Now I know to organize what I am going to say not just so I don’t repeat my self but in order to give an efficient speech and fulfill the time asked.

How was the experience of giving written feedback for your peers? Did it change the way you listened to your classmates’ presentations?

Normally when giving verbal feed back you just say comments out loud and the person would most likely know where you are coming from. This feedback most likely would be short and informal. With written feedback on the other hand, it has to be a bit more formal and included more detail. In a way it changed the way I listened to my classmates presentations because I was not just listening on what they had to say or what their presentation was about, but also on what things they did really well and perhaps things they could improve on. This meant that I had to be an active listener throughout the entire presentation.

 If you were to give an object speech again, would you do anything differently? What and why?

I am pretty sure that if anyone got the chance to redo something all over again, they would. So to answer this question, Yes. I feel like I would take all the negative comments in hand and improve on the things that I might have not done well. For example, lets say I was doing my picture book again, I feel that I would of selected a couple pictures out of the book and passed them out and tell the meaning or story behind it.




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