Self-reflection of Object-Speech Presentation – Sunil Ale

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  1. Did you notice any commonalities across your classmates’ presentations? What are they? What did other students’ speeches make you feel?I did notice some commonalities. I discovered that many of my classmates also went for the speech in freer style, which made them sound natural and authentic. I think my speech also sounded the same because I only researched and wrote the background information, but didn’t follow the outlines strictly. Almost all of us had prepared well or at least had given a thought about what we wanted to present. The presentation like any way of communication was a chance to open up to the crowd, or classmates in the particular scenario. We all did open up, shared our thoughts, which has now made the classroom atmosphere more familiar and comfortable. Watching my classmates presenting in front of me gave me a little more time to think and familiarize myself to the stage and how to cover the speech better than how I had imagined earlier. All of their speeches were personal and seeing them present something that’s important to them has made me feel a little closer to them, and vice versa.

  2. What did you learn from the peer reviews? What kind of feedback was the most helpful?
    I have learned a lot from the peer reviews. Some pointed out that I needed to relax while presenting. Maybe, I sounded too excited, I learned that it was the way I presented that made me sound in a rush or too excited. Some pointed out that I repeated some words too much. Some pointed out that I was a little off topic and needed to manage time. I will keep these feedbacks in my mind next time I present in class or outside.  Professor Oh’s comments also highlighted the need for me to organize the speech around a good topic. All kinds of feedbacks were helpful. Apart from negative feedbacks, the appraisals and general comments also have helped with boosting my confidence in speech and with identifying my strengths as well as my weaknesses. Overall, the feedbacks have helped me improve my speaking or speech skill.

  3. How was the experience of giving written feedback for your peers? Did it change the way you listened to your classmates’ presentations?
    On the day of my presentation, I was the last speaker. And I didn’t give feedbacks to anyone on that day. However, I gave feedbacks on the class following the class I presented, the experience was rewarding. Given that I had already presented on the last class, I was better able to give critical feedbacks. By analyzing and giving feedback on peers of my own level in presentation, I was also better able to point out their mistakes as well as impressive traits, identify with them and learn and grow with them. Giving feedback for my peers definitely changed the way I listened to my classmate’s presentation. I was more receptive to their verbal as well as non-verbal communication like voice, tone, body language, energy and eye contact which were also the things I needed to focus on. While giving the feedbacks, I could imagine myself in their position and imagine myself making the same mistakes. But I got to sit back and learn from them instead.

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