What is Media Literacy?

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Media Literacy is a device used to interpret critical assessments and productively utilized media. Teenagers and young adults in this generation used media to its fullest peek. Different media text include internet, television, video games, smart phone, tablets, radio. Throughout the usage of these media related tools many jobs opportunities are implemented in society, as a result of media usage. Children going to school in todays day and age are told that it is important to stay up to date with the worlds current events. By us as whole giving attention to these events we give the worlds media literate.

The article speaks about “parental involvement” in media literate relative issues and this is an important point being that the children of today are the leaders of tomorrow. Media shapes our world and if the younger kids are feeding themselves the wrong message society as we know it can collapse fundamentally. Media is a good thing when used for the right reasons such as to spread knowledge about things like cures for diseases, weather changes, criminal activities and more. Media shapes how us as people identify ourselves in society. Yes, at the moment media does not positively portray good messages because it has our women using surgeries to beauty themselves and has our men overdosing on toxic supplements to keep their bodies in shape.

For certain groups like LGBTQ, the bullied and people who feel low self esteem media can really ruin their lives. t\This is why it would be of there interest to edify themselves using media literacy to understand that they are better than what they see and hear about.




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  1. Hansol

    Jiselle, good post on the broad concept of media literacy.
    But make sure you distinguish between media – which is the channel through which messages are communicated – and the media messages. They are very different things. Internet, television, video games, smartphones, tablets, and videos are media, not media messages.
    Also, you make a lot of broad claims, which exceeds the scope of the assignment. To me, it seems your point is you are advocating the necessity of media literacy at the very end. It would have been more interesting if you could pick one concrete example that most interest you and write why that proves the necessity of media education.

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