Self Reflection: Object Speech Syeda Pertha

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In preparing for my object speech presentation I came to the realization that I’m obsessed with my mom lol. We’ve really come along way. I always learned that I’ve grown a lot because I wasn’t nervous at all, until it was actually time to present. The object speech help transform myself because I’ve learned that although I may be shy sometime I really have a lot of courage. Having courage and confidence in yourself makes a major difference in presenting. If you are confident in what your speaking on I believe people will take you more seriously. I also believe that when you come off confident it helps keep your audience engaged. How doesn’t enjoy watching someone who is sure of themselves! I know I love to watch CONFIDENT people preform.

The peer reviews helped a lot, I was happy to see that my peers was really interested in what I had to say. One of my fears while preparing my presentation was keeping my audience engaged. My peer review help me to realize that as long as the topic is interesting and relatable you’ll be fine! If I were to give another object speech I would stand standstill and get  a little more in depth on the topic . My last speech I believe I should have spoke more about the relationships with the people that helped me and my mom rekindle ours.

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