What Does Your Style Communicate?

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    New York City is easily identified as one of the worlds greatest fashion capitals. The fashion industry is a huge business in New York City as some of the top designers and respected fashion moguls reside here. We have some of the best fashion institutes and celebrity stylist. This is why NYC has earned its right as FASHION CAPITAL!

My personal interest in fashion came from being over weight with very limited designers to shop from. Over the years that has changed drastically. Designers from all over are making clothing in all styles and sizes for the Plus Size community. IM SO EXCITED ABOUT THAT! Over time I’ve learned to master the art of style and fashion. As I got older with more time and money to spend on clothing,I’ve become more intrigued with how clothing affects the way we perceive one another. This idea came from growing up in a urban community. Most people would judge you based on your appearance, what designers you wore, how you styled/accessorized it and how consistent you were with all the up to date fashions. if you were fortunate enough to keep up with those trends you were classified “better” than the rest. Your street credibility would sky rocket, and you were Extremely popular!

According to a study at Howard University, studies show 75% of people you meet perceive you based on your appearances; which includes your choice of clothing, body language and footwear. Are you one of those people? Most times we do without even noticing. For example,  have you even seen a guy in suit and tie and automatically classified him as successful? Nonverbal studies has explored the connection between clothing and communication. Clothing has many functions, we’ve spent our entire lives making these connections.  We connect uniforms to school or work and many of our parents made us wear church clothes on Sunday. Gowns to a wedding or ball and the list goes on. Here’s a video that shows us how people perceive us based on what we wear.


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  1. Hansol

    Syeda, I like your post about how fashion consists an essential part of our nonverbal communication. Not only the stylishness and the designer brand of what you wear affect how people perceive. Fashion conveys something more complex — it is a powerful communication tool through which we express our values and identities. How has fashion shaped your identity? What are your criteria other than the design and price in choosing what you wear? What do you express through your clothing? I’d love to hear more about your own experience relating to the last paragraph!

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