Self-Reflection Questions for Advertisement Analysis

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Below are four sets of self-reflection questions for your second presentation. Pick THREE and answer them in your reflections. Each answer should be at least FIVE sentences long.


1. How did analyzing an ad, and listening to other students’ presentations change your perception about media and their messages?

2. How can we become more critical consumers of media?
And why is a critical engagement with media vital to you?

3. In your peer review, you are asked to share your experience
as an audience member, telling the speaker
what worked and what didn’t in their presentations.
What are the challenges and advantages of writing a peer review?
Was writing peer review a learning experience for you? If so, how?

4. What were some aspects that you focused on in your presentations? Structure? Content? Delivery? Or, something else?
Is there something that worked well,
something that you want to repeat in the future?
Or, is there something that you wish you want to improve on?
What is it and how can you change that?

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