self reflection analysis ad Mcdonalds commercial

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1. How did analyzing an ad, and listening to other students’ presentations change your perception about media and their messages? 

honestly im grateful for this whole project for several reasons. first reason, it allowed me to be able to take in all that information the other students werre sharing and made me look at the commercials more in depth next time around. secondly, listening to the other students share their presentations was a knowledgable experience because it allowed me to see their opinions and let the rest of the class have an opinion and share their feedback as well. i look at ads, and commercials alot differently now because i now can see the specific techniques that the companies use to draw in the audience ( pathos, logos, ethos) and it gives me a heads up sort of to make sure the product or message is valid. analyzing my ad was alittle difficult at first because of so many mcdonalds commercials to choose from, but in the end i found after watching it more and knowing the terms we learned i was able to continue strong.

2. How can we become more critical consumers of media?
And why is a critical engagement with media vital to you?

as a community, we definitely need to be more critical of media especially because of how fast and huge media is becoming in our society. before we know it everything we know and are used to doing without media or technology, thats going to rapidly change. nowadays social media especially is consuming minds of all different types of people mainly minds that are easily impressionable like teenagers and children. its not hard that this is happening because nowadays, we find out so many things through the media and social media is mainly the number one source. we need to really make sure were not just believeing everything we see and really brush up on our facts, ask around for the real story, and do research on whatever story you see. nothing is to be taken by its word anymore at least on social media, coommercials, and ads. these platforms are very easy to fool and take advantage of people who don’t knowany better so to prevent all the trouble, from the beginning we should be more cautious, observe, and be aware.

3. In your peer review, you are asked to share your experience
as an audience member, telling the speaker
what worked and what didn’t in their presentations.
What are the challenges and advantages of writing a peer review?
Was writing peer review a learning experience for you? If so, how? 

writing peer reviews i find are very helpful to the class. the only problem i would see with it is that some people aren’t sure what to say when it comes to some presentations. you always mean well, you want to say the nicest best things but you also want to be helpful and not come off as a jerk of some sort. i know more times than i can count, ive struggled with giving feedback but what helps me is i imagine what i would like to hear as feedback on my paper good or bad. at that point i usually know what to say but i think people shouldn’t take it personal as well. even when writing feedback for someone you know wrote something you may or may not like, in the end theyre just trying to make sure your presentation is perfect for next time. so this experience definitely helped me see both sides of the spectrum after giving peer reviews and im glad that we were able to help each other succeed this semester by doing so.

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