Self Reflection:Advertisement Analysis

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1  How did analizing an ad, and listening to other students’ presentations change your perceptionabout media and their messages.

     I am so glad I took this class, I learned a lot and after the presentation. Commercials  are not the same for me.  Now when I watch an ad I think about the techniques the agencies use to persuade the audience like Pathos, Logos and Ethos. I saw many ads and I choose the bank commercial; first because it is s true story and second because they showed me that not matter how old we are, we can always follow our dreams. This commercial uses Pathos to persuade.

3   In your peer review, you are asked to share experience as an audience member, telling the speaker what worked and what didn’t in their presentation. What’re the challenges and advantages of writing a peer review? Was writing peer review a learning experience for you? If so, how?

     For me writing peer reviews was not easy because most of the time I see   the things that they are doing correct. but I really appreciate the reviews letting me know where I have to improve, and definitely I will pay attention to that feedback for my next presentation. Writing peer review was for sure a learning experience for me because now I know what to improve and my classmates know that too.

4  What are some aspects that you focused on in your presentation? structure? Content? Delivery? or something else? Is there something that worked well, something that you want to repeat in the future or, is there something that you wish you want to improve? What is it and how you can change that.

     On my presentation I was nerves even though I practiced, my speech was not what I thought it would be. I tried to focus in the content of the ad because it had a good message.  Something that I needed to improve on is structure, organization give more details. Definitely I need to practice, practice, practice for the next presentation

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