Ad Analysis Reflection

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1.Listening to other students perspective changed my perception about media and their messages in the sense that I got to understand that there’s a lot more to these ads than meets the eye. A lot can be unpacked from each of these different ads and there’s a lot of meaning in some media, more than what you have initally thought.

2.The challenges in writing a peer review were that sometimes I just couldn’t find any constructive criticism other than some nitpicks whenever I would come across one that was in my opinion, great. Now that was only a few, like maybe one or two, but still it was there. It was a learning experience in the sense of just recognizing when something met all the qualifications of the assignment.

3.I think in my presentation I just focused specifically on explaining the technical aspects of the product I was analyzing. I did this so I could really help the crowd understand just how this ad was manipulating the average unsuspecting customer. If there’s anything I could say I could have done better was maybe explain it more eloquently and more precisely since the average person doesn’t understand technical things like specs very easily.

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