Come from away

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     Come from away was a beautiful play, the theater was big and beautiful with painted ceilings. The play reminds us that there is still very good human beings willing to help when someone needs the most.  September 11th was a very dark day here in US and in Canada those travelers received food and where to stay from someone that they never meet before, that warm my heart, I felt bad for the mother looking for her child. The music was beautiful with the live music. I like the fact that only changing the hat or jacket their role in the play changed. The whole play was so entertaining. I liked the fact that did not matter what religion they practiced all of them help each other, I am sure that some friendships were created from that stressful days. Professor Oh I am glad that you choose that play because is about hope and help without asking questions. I have being in other theaters and this one was bigger and I did no see empty seats. For me definitely was a beautiful story and what I took from that play?  is that we  don’t know what will happen tomorrow, and that whatever is to happen we can always count, on that we may find people like the ones from Gander in Canada.

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