Digital Footprint, Privacy, and Beyond

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 I felt like this was a great topic for a blog post. You see the thing about a digital footprint is is that it’s very much a product of how much technology has grown, and how it may have grown a little too much too fast. Digital footprints are essentially us leaving a trace of ourselves in social media. Whether it be a post on instagram, or on Facebook that doesn’t include our 10 second or more stories that will disappear at the end of the day. But even then those aren’t completely gone. Anyone can snap a screenshot, or record any of our stories and instagram doesn’t notify you unlike snapchat. 

And this leads in to the effect this has on our privacy. Because actually even our very presence on certain sites leaves a digital footprint. Everytime we’re looking at something online such as shopping websites are storing our searches in the cache/cookies. That’s why when we go to other websites we see ads for other things we’ve previously looked at. Not to mention it was reported that some of our private messages are turned over to compaines like Facebook, Netflix and Spotify. So actually just being on the internet these days is enough to encroach on our privacy more than we would even think. We’re leaving digital footprints all over the place when we don’t even realize, just by just being on the internet! This article explains this very important concept in consumer data privacy and it’s great.

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