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                 Sons Of Anarchy 

                 Netflix is a great program for shows, one of the shows I have been

Watching was called Sons Of Anarchy. One reason why I picked this show was 

Because people said that is was worth watching, also there were a lot of characters 

Involved and each of these characters went through a lot of really big changes. This 

Was some thing I really can relate to the things we have been learning in Public 

Speaking class and what makes individuals change and behave a certain way. 

               The show starts off with a group of bikers riding down a dusty road one of  

Them is a man known as Jax Teller. This man is the main character because he is 

Telling the story, one thing that is interesting about him is that his father was in the 

Same biker gang but unfortunately has past way because of a motorcycle accident.

To every one else the story adds up but for Jax he does not believe that his father 

Died that way. Even though he doesn’t have real evidence he is certain he got 

Murdered.  The thing that I like about the show is that even though its violent and 

Vulgar it teaches us a lesson about each other that lesson is that unresolved conflict

Gets us nowhere. For example in class I have been taught that in order to resolve a 

Conflict there has to be honesty and compromise. Compared to the show none of 

That took place and the show ended in a tragic way. As the show progressed many 

Things changed. Jax was not the leader of the gang but instead the “wingman” for a

Man by the name of Clay Morrow. This Character knew jax father and took his place 

After he died. Things were going great until the gang started to get corrupted by 

Selling drugs to kids and murdering innocent people and law enforcement. Toward 

The end of the show jax has found out that Clay has murdered his father in order 

To be the leader of the gang and run it his way.  Instead of Jax talking about it with

Him and try to resolve it by talking he was too angry and killed Clay. By doing so 

Made the gang more corrupt and involve major problems.  By the last episode jax 

Biker gang has turned on him, in addition so was the police force so Jax decided to 

Take his own life so his family could live a normal life.

             One seen that caught my attention was when Tara Knowles (Jax wife) was 

Working as a hospital nurse and she got a job offer to Chicago and told Jax that she 

Was going to go without him jax got mad that she was leaving him and they started 

Arguing. In class we have learned about the stages of conflict, latent, emergence, 

Escalation, stalemate, negotiation, settlement and resolution lastly reconciliation.

After there argument was past stalemate Jax told her he loves her, this made the 

Situation cool down and they both apologized which meant that they both 

Compromised that’s why there relation ship remained.

                  Another seen I would like to bring up is when jax met Tara this seen was

Important because it showed how someone can get to know a person from a

Stranger point of view to a more personal level. In class we have talked about the 

Onion theory. The reason why it’s called that is because the layers are from the out 

Side to the inside layers, perceptions, behavioral patterns, personal choices, 

Internalized values and core beliefs that signify a major thing about someone’s 

Personality. In the show Jax meets Tara in the hospital they start off with small 

Talk they where talking about things like what they do and the weather. Next they 

Started to get more personal and talk about them selves and there life, family and 

More. By the tenth episode of the season they already fell in love with each other 

And formed an exiting relationship. 

                If there was one thing I learned from HUC 101 or from the show its self is 

That it is good to have confidence in speaking in public also to resolve conflicts 

Rather than fuel them because we will never get a positive out come from that. Also 

It is very important for people to get to know each other not just on a stranger level 

But also on a personal level because you never know what kind of new relationships 

Could be born. 

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