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What is mass communication many world ask. Mass communication is the exchange of information on a large scale to a wide range of people.  Many of us today know social engine tools such as Facebook, Instagram and etc as examples for that but that hasn’t always been the case.  Before social media more people was watching the news and reading newspapers. Nowadays a lot of information is transferred faster via computer and internet. Example: someone can tweet out that a hurricane is going on in Florida and within 10 minutes over millions of people would have been notified.

Mass communication has evolved over the years from newspapers to telegraphs to telephones and now to television and computers. This evolutions has helped many and it will continue to grow and spread information at a faster and more effecient pace. But at the same time it takes to spread real news is as fast as it is to spread fake news as well. Example: a few years ago someone tweeted out the death of Jackie chan. Within 20 mins over 5 million people thought Jackie chan was dead and started sending out condolences posts. It was then Jackie Chan who tweeted back he was alive and well. 

Many people keep in touch using social media and that has helped communication socially.  More friends but that has also lead to more severe things , like social bullying which has caused a lot of suicidal cases over the years. In totality many can make the case for the evolution of mass media to be very helpful while some may point to the latter and say it does more harm. For me, I feel it meets right in the middle. I’m grateful for how everything has changed and I am looking forward to seeing what’s next for us. 

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