The Haunting Of Hill House (Spoilers)

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Sabastian Carrion Final (Essay)

The Netflix show “The Haunting of Hill House” is a show that starts off with you getting introduced to the Crane family. They just moved to the “Hill House” and started to experience the supernatural while they were kids. During the time they were at Hill House, they each had a different experience. Nell (One of the twins) was haunted by a “ghost” called the “Bent Neck Lady”, Luke (Other twin) had his “imaginary friend” and a tall ghost with a top hat that followed him throughout his life, Shirley kept hearing banging on the walls, Theodora had some experiences with the ‘Bent Neck Lady” and would have “visions” when she touched something or someone, and Steven was the only one who did not experience anything until he got older. During the first episode you get to see that Nell is being constantly haunted by the “Bent Neck Lady” and tries to call Steven and Shirley but they avoid her calls. This a good example of how they avoided the problem of talking to Nell but that ended up back firing later in the episode.

Nell then goes back to Hill House and ends up committing suicide. Steven and Shirley then become aggressive to each other and blame each other for the death of Nell. They all start to see Nell’s ghost and try to figure out what really happened to Nell. After Nells death, Lukas tries to reconnect with his family after he left rehab, but his family doesn’t believe he got better so they avoid him as well. Lukas starts to see the tall man with the top hat and starts to get flash backs of when he was a kid and how it affected him up until now. They then all meet up at Nells open casket to pay their respects and the power gets cut off and see Nells ghost. During the scare, Lukas manages to take Shirley’s car and Drives to the Hill House with Gasoline to try to burn it down. Theodora and Shirley drive to the Hill House and Nell’s ghost appears to stop them so they can sort out the problem they were facing before going to the house. When the family arrives at the house, they look for Lukas and end up finding him unconscious and poisoned in the “Red Room” and when they go in the room to help him the end up getting locked inside and get knocked out by a ghost of someone that used to live in the house. The start to have dreams in the Red room of stuff they regret, and Nell saves them from these dreams because it was the house’s way of trying to trap them. When they wake up, they learn how their mother died and try to escape the Hill House. Steve ends up staying behind while Theodora and Shirley take Lukas to the hospital to treat the poison. Steve heads back to the Red room and sees his father dead on the floor due to an overdose of pills. His father’s ghost then tells Steve that it was the only way the house would let them escape and that he did it because he would do anything for his children, even if that means sacrificing his own life to save his kids. The dad tells Steve not to tell the others of what happened to him and to not sell the house so no other family has to experience what happened to them. The show ends by Steve apologizing to his wife, Shirley learns not to be a control freak, Lukas finishes rehab, and Theodora starts to open up to people and let others in.

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