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How did analyzing an ad, and listening to other students’ presentations change your perception about media and their messages?

Analyzing an ad changed my perception about media and their message by making me realize that it isn’t as simple as it sounds or look. Some ads are not as clear what they are trying to sell to you or what the out come can be. It also made me realize that we all perceive media differently, we all grab or play attention to different angles of it. Media really has their audience set out for them, they really target those certain group of people whether it is sports fans to over weight people. It also opened up my eyes into seeing what kind of adds are generated or have been generated. 

what are challenges and advantages of writing a peer review? Was writing a peer review a learning experience for you?

I felt like the peer review was a learning experience for me. It helped me evaluate people a bit better in a nonpersonal sort of way. The challenge I had with the peer review was having to fill out all three categories without sounding repetitive and giving a positive out come. The advantages would be being able see the different strategies that your peers used to present. Also I feel like the information that you get from their presentation may be something you may not have known. You also get a chance to see how you’ll be reviewed/ graded. 

2. How can we become more critical consumers of media?
And why is a critical engagement with media vital to you?

I feel like the media is always going to have an advantage over us. It will always draw people in, depending the person’s interest. And at the end you will always have someone who will fall for something on the media that may catch their eye. Media is something very delicate and so I wouldn’t say we should keep away from it 100 percent but I’m also not saying to be on it as much. We need to start finding a balance between media and what’s going on around us, that of course is not on the web. We should start being more aware of those around of as much as we are about who posted on Instagram or what Cardi B did on stage. Media will always be something important to me as well as others because most of the trends or latest things going on are posted on some sort of media.

The Originals

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The series I selected for this assignment is called The Originals. This show first aired on the network CW on august 1, 2013. Later on becoming a hit and landing on Netflix for others to enjoy. The show is about this family of vampires, The Mikaelsons, who made apromise “always and forever” meaning they will always be by each other’s side no matter what. Throughout the centuries this promise has not been something enlightening but more of a curse. This promise came about when the siblings were children/ young adults. The characters are Esther(mother), Rebekah, Kol,Mikael(father), Finn, Henrik, Niklaus, and Elijah. They used to live in avillage in the woods where wolves roamed the long night. One night one of the siblings (Henrik) was killed by a wolf. Esther was a powerful witch and Mikael being hurt from losing his son and wanting to protect his family, forced her to created a spell to protect them all. Esther tapped into dark magic creating the first vampires. That is where the originals come from because the Mikaelsons were born vampires not turned into by a bite.

             Mikael resented Niklaus after the death of his other son. In a way I believe he blames him because Niklaus and Henrik were together when he died. After the other son’s death, Mikael has been picking on Klaus on anything he does or when training. Things grew worse when a full moon appeared and Klaus started turning into a wolf. This meant that Klaus had wolf genes in him, which made him a hybrid. His bite was uncurable. This also meant that Klaus was not Mikael’s son, which gave him a bigger motive to hate him. From then, Klaus made his siblings promise “always and forever” and have been running from their father ever since.

             The show starts off by showing Niklaus and Elijah landing on their home town New Orleans. From there you can notice the difference between the two brothers. Klaus is more of a task-oriented person. As soon a he appeared, he didn’t care who it was that approach him. He showed off all the power he possessed. You could also tell by the way he posed and devoured the human that he found on the ship. Klaus had his hands opened and head tilted a bit to the side as if asking “who is next”? By his body language you could see how arrogant he is. On the other hand, Elijah is more like Klaus foil. He is calmer and knows when to unleash his inner beast. Elijah’s posture was more conserved and he didn’t take up much space. In the seen, Elijah composed himself as if what was happening with Klaus or the fact that Klaus and himself are vampires was normal. In this scene, some of the indirect verbal communicationwould be when Rebekah is introducing the siblings to the man who entered the ship and she sighs when Klaus asks “Are you saving the best for last”? From this you can infer how sick she is to be around Klaus. You can also notice how Elijah has this father/ authority figure because Rebekah has asked him if she could eat one of the men who entered the ship.

               The second scene moves into the city of New Orleans where the people are modern and they don’t speak in old English nor with English accents. The city is a city of parties and festivals, they have new people visiting every night. This scene reveals Klaus’s inner and outer conflicts. Elijah sharing a drink with the bartender speaks upon what troubles Klaus. Klaus thinks people from that city are conspiring against him. He also felt that he didn’t belong to the Mikaelson family because he didn’t share the same father as the others. Klaus being the protagonist is always getting himself into trouble meanwhile Elijah follows him around getting him out of trouble. This makes Elijah the collective character out of the two. Elijah rather talk things out rather than get what he wants by making people fear him. Klaus having the characteristics of individualism, went to New Orleans killing anyone in sight to get to the bottom of everything. Klaus was disturbed to find out how his city had changed after his family left. The city now had norms and laws that the king Marcel enforced with his vampires. Klaus appose these rules and went against the king and tried to get back his kingdom. This places him under the low uncertainty avoidance.

                       As you continue watching this show you notice it is a coming of age story for each of the characters, specially for Klaus. In this first episode, Klaus was summoned to New Orleans by the witches because they found a wolf girl who is pregnant with Klaus’s baby. No one believes it because vampires can’t have kids but sense he’s also a wolf, it opened a loop whole. Klaus’s circle of people is very small due to the fact that he is always paranoid of who can he trust but towards the end of this episode, it shows through non-verbal communication how Klaus softens up by the idea of creating/ expending his family with this baby. Towards the end you notice how Elijah’s main focus which was Klaus, shifted a bit after the sight of the wolf girl, Haylie. That makes Klaus a bit jealous at the end because of his greed. I believe that he kind of wanted her to think of him as her hero or want to be by his side but instead found comfort in Elijah. I found this show to be pretty interesting, in fact one of my favorites which is why I chose it. 

What is Media Literacy?

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Media Literacy is a device used to interpret critical assessments and productively utilized media. Teenagers and young adults in this generation used media to its fullest peek. Different media text include internet, television, video games, smart phone, tablets, radio. Throughout the usage of these media related tools many jobs opportunities are implemented in society, as a result of media usage. Children going to school in todays day and age are told that it is important to stay up to date with the worlds current events. By us as whole giving attention to these events we give the worlds media literate.

The article speaks about “parental involvement” in media literate relative issues and this is an important point being that the children of today are the leaders of tomorrow. Media shapes our world and if the younger kids are feeding themselves the wrong message society as we know it can collapse fundamentally. Media is a good thing when used for the right reasons such as to spread knowledge about things like cures for diseases, weather changes, criminal activities and more. Media shapes how us as people identify ourselves in society. Yes, at the moment media does not positively portray good messages because it has our women using surgeries to beauty themselves and has our men overdosing on toxic supplements to keep their bodies in shape.

For certain groups like LGBTQ, the bullied and people who feel low self esteem media can really ruin their lives. t\This is why it would be of there interest to edify themselves using media literacy to understand that they are better than what they see and hear about.



Objective Speech Refletion

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What did you learn from the peer reviews? What kind of feedback was the most helpful?

I feel that when presenting people including myself are so focused on their nerves and in my case not mispronouncing words, that you don’t get to notice if you are doing well or not. I learned from the peer review that the audience was not so focused or maybe didn’t mind or notice how nervous I was. They were more engaged on what I was saying and what I brought to the presentation. Meaning that the feedback I received was not personal but it was more general/impersonal. Getting negative feedback does not always make anyone feel well, but in this case it helped me know that I was on the right track. Now I know to organize what I am going to say not just so I don’t repeat my self but in order to give an efficient speech and fulfill the time asked.

How was the experience of giving written feedback for your peers? Did it change the way you listened to your classmates’ presentations?

Normally when giving verbal feed back you just say comments out loud and the person would most likely know where you are coming from. This feedback most likely would be short and informal. With written feedback on the other hand, it has to be a bit more formal and included more detail. In a way it changed the way I listened to my classmates presentations because I was not just listening on what they had to say or what their presentation was about, but also on what things they did really well and perhaps things they could improve on. This meant that I had to be an active listener throughout the entire presentation.

 If you were to give an object speech again, would you do anything differently? What and why?

I am pretty sure that if anyone got the chance to redo something all over again, they would. So to answer this question, Yes. I feel like I would take all the negative comments in hand and improve on the things that I might have not done well. For example, lets say I was doing my picture book again, I feel that I would of selected a couple pictures out of the book and passed them out and tell the meaning or story behind it.




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