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A Christmas Princess Netflix Movie

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Have you ever dream of becoming a Princess or even a fairy? Well this is how the story begins when we all have a dream and decide to follow it. There was this young journalist who was distending to become famous and to this she had to sell a story which could make all her dreams come through but the story in which she had to write would shatter someone’s life forever.

Christmas came early for this young journalist when she was send aboard to spy on the prince which was next in line to take over the kingdom after the passing of his dad as, so he believed for years. This young journalist went on her journey while on the she encountered the Prince which she did not realize because he was in disguise and moving among normal people as if he was one of them wherein which he stole the cab that was waiting to pick her up.

After the next cab came she arrived at her destination which was the Prince home where she met his mother, the helper and his little sister to which she was to tutor for English and mathematics.  There came the Princes as he was clean, and the journalist was now shocked as she had shout at him when he took her cab. The Prince apologized and explained that he was in a hurry, after which the journalist was given a room to which her journey and lessons would start the next day. It can be therefore said that because of cultural belief people varies in their behavior, feelings traditions and value depending on the culture in which they live and the fact that there beliefs are different from those of others doesn’t make them any less or more valued. So hence the king saw it fit to apologize he didn’t see himself as been inferior because he was a king so culturally he treated people as equal. Therefore in this movie the journalist is more likely to be an individualism she set out to achieve fame and she decide to stop at nothing to get her ways, she even go on to disguise herself just to get the attention of the prince however her forceful attitude get her into deep trouble with the prince.

Even though people have different cultural behavior, that didn’t stop the journalist what she wanted therefore she posed as a teacher for some months to get scoops on the Prince. While posing the Prince sister found out but didn’t say anything because she had grown to love her and think she would be a perfect fit for her brother. While spending time with the Prince the journalist was now falling for him as he was doing the same, the prince was deeply rooted in his culture thus respecting and recognizing the differences of other people culture as well he had experience diversity in different cultures and through intercultural communication he understand that they were different and he was willing to risk it all to be with the one he loved. Therefore this characteristics behavior of the prince show more of a low power distance because there are inequality between the journalist and the prince because he is set to inherit the father throne one day but because the journalist is just a commoner, this cause a barrier between them and make rule more difficult.

Talk about bad timing there came his ex-girlfriend who wanted to get back with him because he was now going to be a King, but he wasn’t looking to go back to her as he realized that she didn’t love him, and he was looking for love. You see love is a very strong thing and when you love someone you would do anything to please them. Regardless of culture barriers the values that people portray others will adopt are acquire in similar way through friends, family and social structure thus the prince moving towards what he wants despite his cultural beliefs. However this prince portray an individual with low uncertainty Avoidance because he is will to accept the uncertainty that face him even though it is risky he show tolerant and courage because he love her and more independence of interactional rules.

King Charles the first knew that Prince Edward wasn’t his biological son but because of the love for his wife he took him and raised him as his own adopted him and call him his own. King Charles loved Riddles so before he passed he wanted to tell Edward, but he never got a chance, so he left the information under the Christmas tree. While search the journalist found Prince Edward birth certificate and found out that his name was changed, and he wasn’t for the King.

There she was caught between a rock and a hard place because she now had evidence to bring down the Prince but she was now in love with him and he was in love with her and didn’t know what to do so she left the evidence on her laptop which was stolen by the ex-girlfriend and his cousin and published because they wanted to run the kingdom and only a true air could do so but what he didn’t realized was that the King had change the laws before he died because he knew Edward was only his adopted child but he cared and love him as his own.  People tends to rarely interact with others based on their social category for example gender, race and nationality.

Besides what they did and tried to blame it on the journalist she confesses of lying to get information on the Prince, but she admits that she didn’t published it because she was now in love with in. He was disappointed, but the council continued to let him be the king upon finding a wife. The journalist went home to be with her dad who always teaches her to do the right thing without hurt others. The Princes forgave her and went back to get her, and they got married and run the kingdom together his cousin and girlfriend was now mad because neither of them got the kingdom and she married his cousin in vain. The moral of the story is no matter what background you come from with true love it can conquer anything, and love will prevail.

This was a well entertaining movie and I would encourage any writer to watch this show as it shows us that nothing can stop us once we love someone. Laws are put in place to help people to be safe and the King made Prince Edward safe when he changed the Laws in the 21st century otherwise a man who only knew how to be a Prince would have been tarnished and scarred for life all because of greed and envy. So we must take these thing in to consideration and realized that these things are reality and people don’t care who they hurt as long as they get what they want in life even if it means that someone getting hurt in the process.

 It is evident that the King saw that Prince Edward established a sense of inclusion and belonging because he adapted to his culture and they had that connection therefore there traditions and beliefs were change to accommodate him. There was no prejudice or discrimination towards the Prince they simple treated him as their own.

Come From Away

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To come up with a title like this seems easy but after looking at the musical I realized it took a great deal in bringing everything together to make it a reality. The writers of this musical was Irene Sankoff and David Hein I felt accomplished as this musical was very entertaining and creative and it showed that a lot of though and effort was put into it. A musical like this is an inspiration and I’m sure the cast of 12 who was representing the presentation felt overwhelmed with gratitude after the applauded from the audience of a job well done.

Come from Away speaks the common language of just folks, and it sings and dances with the authentic inspiration of Newfoundland’s Celtic-based music, suffused with the hypnotic thrum of the bodhrán, the adrenalin rush of fiddle and strings, the soaring lilt of whistles and Uilleann pipes and the soulful underpinning of a harmonium.

For every great act there must be someone with that vision to pull it off with a great team. I felt engaged because I had the opportunity to have shared this memorable experience with my teacher, peers and different ethnic backgrounds who had a passion for good entertainment.

Besides that while watching the musical I realized  that musical was becoming very interesting as the Gander townspeople spring into action and prepared the house, feed, clothe and comfort the nearly 7,000 passengers with the nineteen (19) animals in the cargo area. The pilots, flight attendants and passengers were initially not permitted to leave the plane, hence that forced them to deal with a confusing and conflicting information about what has happened and why they were suddenly grounded. I found it to be intriguing yet captivating by what is now taking place.

The passengers and crew fly away to their homes; they joyously exchange stories of the immense kindness and generosity that was shown to them by the Newfoundland strangers in their time of need. Thus in the Middle of nowhere before a Muslim traveler, faced with increasing prejudice from his fellow passengers, undergoes a humiliating strip search prior to boarding. Then the townsfolk in Gander return to normal life, but comment on how empty their town now seems. The passengers and airline staff who return to the United States are faced with the horror of the attacks’ including Hannah, who learns that her firefighter son lost his life during the rescue efforts.

Talk about intense trauma for that mother, losing someone you love can be very devastating, what we can truly say is that these people were brave. Thus the musical Come from Away’ accomplished what all the best musicals has ever done. It takes you to a place where you didn’t know you wanted to go, and makes you not want to leave. The musical wasn’t vague we  were able to see the difference in emotion and  the humor of the  story an how the cast showed compassion and generosity, when rescuing and welcoming shipwrecked sailors who were, resonates with a legacy of healing and reconciliation.

Indeed I felt blessed to have shared these moments with my class as we can now share our likes, dislikes and create feedback’s on the musical itself. We were also able to gather information which could help us in our daily life when it comes to strategic planning and long term goals and being determined, over this was a well put together musical.

Social Media “The culture of sharing digital footprint, privacy and beyond.

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In today’s society we have a culture of sharing, and through sharing we leave trace when we use modern technology to keep us alert or to link us up with friend and family that are far away. Digital footprint is  a trace we leave behind,using Facebook, Whats app, Instagram, or any form of online features. Social Media can be both positive and negative because it allows us to stay in communication and also leave trails of what we had done. For example in the olden day back in High school  because technology wasn’t  that prevalent we where not that expose to technology hence our means of communication with family and friends was through  the use of telegram, letters and the good old call box. Life was nice then but it became nicer when technology changed and started to make life more easier for us. Even though life as become easier for us  it is now more dangerous as everything is now traceable and we can never be to careful as whatever we do can cause  us harm if not properly erased. 

Object and Reflection

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In preparing for the presentation, did you learn something about yourself? What? How did the object speech transform your self-perception?

Doing a speech in front of people can be very nerve recking and not so easy as people would think. Having everyone directing their full attention on you, you would now have to think that I have to do my best and do a great job at it. I wanted to have an object that represents who I am and what i stand for hence choosing the object I used, even though my audience was well engaged i felt that i could have done much more to keep them entertained. I have learnt that when you have the support of others when you do a presentation it tends to come more easier for you to just relax and speak freely hence the nervousness will disappear.I also learned that i could work on my body language and tone, as this will allow people to see that I am confident and I know what I am about, also asking question is one way in which I could have gotten the class more involved.The object transform my self-perception as I treated the props like it was real and I showed dedication and creativity.I then summarized all about myself and did the speech in my comfort zone and it was a success in my eyes and others.

Did you notice any commonalities across your classmates’ presentations? What are they? What did other students’ speeches make you feel?

Yes there were some  commonalities  in our  presentation as we all showed that same sentiments for our object to which we spoke about and I was able to relate to my peers as we all shared the same common interest. We were able to leave the class with a final message in our minds instead of lost and having to ask more questions. It allowed us to think on the spot as to what will come next. The different speeches however made me  become aware of how people feel and think about different things it gave me an eye opener and left me feeling rejuvenated and and alive. I left the room gaining new knowledge and ideas and that was a plus on the presentations.

What did you learn from the peer reviews? What kind of feedback was the most helpful?

I have learnt that constructive criticism allows you to gain growth and being evaluated when doing a speech we should always use the sandwich method wherein which you give what you liked about the speech then to cushion it you then tell what the speaker could have done better in doing this speech making recommendations will allow us as writers to improve our writing skills and also gain more knowledge. Lastly you close off your evaluation by telling other things you loved about the speech and what you can take from it to make you a better person. My evaluation was very honest and I am now equipped to present a much better speech because I am now appear of how to grab my audience attention  through my evaluation feedbacks.

human communication

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Communication is the exchange of information which we need to interact with other during our daily routine, its a part of how we relate as a living organism as a People ,  we have to interact in different places and as human that is what life is all about communication.No man is an Island no man can stand alone therefore we communicate with our family, on the job and all our surrounding  others who we come in contact with. without Human communication we are lost.

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