Grading Contract


I’m so excited by how class went today: I loved the enthusiasm you all demonstrated in getting to know each other and sharing your ideas. I look forward to many more exchanges with you!

The google doc of our class grading contract is here:

As promised, I added the “I am guaranteed a B in this class if…” — as I noted in my comments, please feel free to modify this as you see fit! This is a collaborative document, and we can adjust it as we need to throughout the term.

As for your individual grading contracts, continue working on what you started writing in class today: include anything you think might be relevant to how you learn and how you want to be assessed in this class, as well as what you need from me throughout the class to achieve the grade you’re striving for.

Please email this to me at (you can take a photo of your handwritten work if you want to, since you already started to write it out, and send the photo of the finished work to me if you’d prefer — just make sure it’s legible, please!).

Looking forward to seeing you all at 8am on Wednesday!


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