Pre-Draft assignment1

-How can the format you’ve chosen for your assignment best be used to demonstrate a deep analysis of the poem?

The format that I chose for the assignment which is personal essay can be a great format to analysis the poem of “Brown Boy, White Boy” by Jonathan Mendoza, because I believe this poem is too deep and has a big message behind it to be expressed in the other categories.

-What is unique about the format you’ve chosen that will allow you to learn more about the poem than what is expressed on the surface?

Personal essay is a unique format that will allow me to learn more about the poem because I can relate to the poem and the poem carries a strong message that needs to be broken down in an essay format.

-What questions or concerns or excitements do you have about creating a project in this format?

Is there an outline for personal essay format? How long does have to be?

-What questions do you have about the poem itself?

Can I use some quotes from the poem in my essay?

-What pieces of it do you want to analyze? why?

I want to analyze most of the poem especially some parts where it really touched me because this poem is beautiful and I can relate to it.

-What rhetorical choices (cite specific quotes and/or gestures, facial expressions, clothing, etc.) did the artist make that struck you? What was the impact of these rhetorical choices?

The part where Jonathan scratched his arm as if he wanted to peal off his skin touched and as a result I felt his pain and I was sad because I can see tears and struggle in his eyes because of his skin color.


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  1. Nagi,

    This is a wonderful, wonderful beginning — I’m really thrilled to hear you’re doing a personal essay. I’d say it can be about the same length as other students are doing for their analytical essays: about 1,000 words, or 4 pages double-spaced, Times New Roman, 12 font.

    In terms of structuring it, head over to the syllabus and check out what’s in the link for personal essays/narratives to see what other people have done. Also, this speech was written by a student of mine last year — it’s not purely a personal essay and it’s not purely an analytical essay. It’s a bit of a hybrid, but it was extremely, extremely powerful and effective. I wonder if this can help you get some ideas flowing.

    Either way, please feel free to let me know what questions you might have — I’m excited to see where you take this!!


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