pre-draft assignment 1

The format that I chose is personal essay and I chose this because from all the format, I feel most comfortable with this format and also I think it will go great with “Brown boy, white boy,” by Jonathan Mendoza. Whats unique about this format for me is, I can talk about different things in each paragraph and really give the reader a good understanding of the poem. Questions I have about this format is how should the essay outline be and how long should it be. I don’t really have a question to ask since the class discussion gave me a great understanding of the poem and if I do face a question I will inform you. I want to analyze the important part of the poem like the key main things that he talks about. A rhetorical choice that Jonathan did that struck me was when he did the imitation of pulling the rope with his left hand and right hand. That part just made really understand his pain and struggle.l

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  1. Tenzin,

    This looks like a good start — in terms of how long, around 1,000 words, which comes out to about 4 pages in times new roman, double-spaced, and 12 point font. I’m really excited that you’re jumping onto the image that Mendoza created of the rope; I wonder if, if you’re super interested in it, you would want that to be the focal image, the central piece, of your essay. Would you want, for example, to have your entire essay be a close reading of the poem that draws out a narrative arc for your reader that dissects that rope image? That could prove very interesting!

    I’m so eager to see where you go with this!!! Let me know if you need any help along the way!


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