Peer review Questions and Answers. Maria Gutierrez and Tenzil Woesel.

Maria Gutierrez

1. Do you think I am deeply analyzing the spoken word?

Yes, you are pointing out words that have the most emphasis in the poem. Which shows that you are thinking about the clues he is giving us to see his perspective and understand his circumstance.

2. What do you think about my introduction, does it catch your attention?

Absolutely. I think it is catchy when you start by giving general information that helps us to dive into the essay. I would just recommend adding a phrase like “Gossip!!” or anything of your choice, just to give it a little bit of an emotion.

3. What do you think I should continue on?

I think you should talk about the boosts and the insects. Since you mostly mention history (past), it will be a great starter for you to bring up his culture or his biracial identity.

4. Do you think I should make the essay a little personal?

It will make it better as long as you are comfortable sharing it. Maybe you don’t have to state the first person and just make up a character to give examples.

5. Is there anything that you think I should include?

Like I mentioned before, you can talk more about “conquistador”. About how his country was taken over and how they had their identity stolen.

Tenzin Wosel

I can see that you are analyzing and pointing out some pieces of the poem.  I would recommend you to pick apart where it will allow you to talk about his identity. For example, in the video, he did this hand gesture that shows how that his identity will not be erased from his blood. Another thing you did well, was to point out that he was competing with society. It would be great if you show us where in the poem you think he showed this.  Lastly but not least, don’t forget to use quotation marks when you refer back to the poem.

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