Assignment # 2 pre draft

Naomi Iizuka probably had to research  how people from different social class and culture behave when they have to live together in the same world. I see the actors having to learn how to react to certain situations and also do some studying on similar events and see how others reacted. I like how this play has all these characters that we get to know with their own unique personality, I also like how Naja can communicate with Anon, and its interesting how we don’t know where Anon is from but when he talks about his homeland we can find things in common with other places.  I might have to research human nature and how can their environment influence their personality. This will help me understand people.

One thought on “Assignment # 2 pre draft”

  1. David,

    I like how Naja can communicate iwth Anon, too. And, I’m interested in hearing more of your thoughts about social and environmental influences on personality — it’s definitely something that would have to be made more specific (we’ll talk about that in class throughout the week), but I’m stoked to see where you take this!


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