Monday October 23rd Jeanpierre Capunay

What grade are you aiming for? I am aiming for an A

What specific things according to the grading contract, you are going to do to earn that grade? I will try to cover all the aspects for this essay so I can receive the grade I want.

How much time are you expecting to put in it?I will try to start November 1 and take my time and not rush at the last minute.

What kind of effort you expect to put into your peer reviews? I am always open to give my two senses.

what kind of help you expect from me? I just need some guidance if I get stuck through the essay.

what experience have you had with research in the past? Not really a big fan of research paperwork. I only did it once last semester for English 101.

what makes you nervous about writing a research paper? giving my all and full 5 pages and end up getting a D or F.

what makes your excited about writing a research paper? not exciting in any way.

what questions do you have about writing a research paper? Too many questions to write, but I will be heading to b200 if I need additional help .

One thought on “Monday October 23rd Jeanpierre Capunay”

  1. Totally feel you on the not being excited part — understandable! I’m hopeful, though, that we can have some fun on this project, you know? And, as long as you keep up with the due dates on the assignment sheet, ask me whatever questions you have, and give it your best shot, I highly doubt you’ll wind up with a D or an F. You’ve got this — let me know how I can help throughout the process!


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