Pref-draft for Assignment 2

Farah Jimenez
English 102
Jenifer Polish
October 26, 2017
Pre-draft for Assignment 2

1. What kinds of research do you think Naomi Iizuka had to do in order to write Anon(ymous)?
In order to write Anon(ymous) t Naomi had to research about the immigrant’s backgrounds (reasons to leave their country, food, way of speaking) problems that they face and how they interact to each other. Also she may even research about how a boy around 12 years old feel in order to fit in.

2. What kinds of preparation might actors have to do to perform this play?
Actors have to research about some of the issues that immigrants face, how they act, dress, talk and what kind of stuff they do in order to survive around their new environment.

3. What three things grab your attention most in the play? Why?
One of the things that grab my attention was this boy going around from places to places saying different names and in all of those places ending saying that he was nobody.
Second, Anon never feel being at home in all the places that he been.
Third, the connection between Anon and his mother. He was searching for her all the time and that he never forgot about her. While, she always has the faith that he wasn’t dead and that maybe somebody adopt him.
All this grab my attention because I was confused when we started to read the play and it took me a while putting everything together.

4. What kinds of research might you perform to help you understand those three parts of the play in a deeper, more meaningful way (beyond you saying what is about)?

I have to finish the reading before we even finish it in class and also I watch the performance to get a better picture.

5. How can this kind of research help you understand and critique the rhetorical choices in Anon(ymous)?

By finishing it I was able to put all this piece together and by watching it everything became clear and I feel that I was able to understand better the meaning of the play.

6. What point you want to make with your research paper?

The point that I want to make with my research paper is that most of us spend a lot times to figure out how to fit in on the different situations of life.

7. How can you use your research to ask a question about Anon(ymous) that contribute an important, unique insight to the conversations about the play?

I may be able to talk about or mention all the themes that they play mentions.

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  1. Farah,

    I’m so happy to read that you watched the performance to help you understand — as we discussed in class today, this was often a deliberately disorienting play, and many of your classmates also had to spend a lot of time thinking hard about it. I’m eager to see how watching it impacts your understanding as you develop your research questions and write your paper. You’re going to do great!


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