Pre draft assignement 2

Naomi Izunaka probably had to research was on culture throughout the play there are many cultural references to food and the country they live in especially the names of the characters.

The actors in the play had to be really in character so that the audience can understand their roles and emotions throughout the play.

The first thing that grabs my attention in the story is ‘setting in where the story takes place. In the 6th scene, anon talks Naja and tells him that he comes in his dreams to help him so I’m not sure if the story is or in his dream or part of it. The second is the use of eurocentrism which involves forcing someone to love you because of their economic power. The third is the people Anon the story that helps him throughout the poem.

Understanding why the poem uses Eurocentrism and economic values in the play. The use of a dreamlike setting in scene 6th and building a relationship with people of different backgrounds

These kinds of rhetorical choices in the poem better understanding some of the issues in the story that can relate to what happening in modern issue.

The point I’m trying to get across with the play is to show how minority and oppression still has a hold on society today. For example, in the playwright, there were many instances of characters using discriminatory word or actions to Anon or nemesani.




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  1. Davaughn,

    You’re doing fabulous work here — I love the way you’re calling attention to both the confusion we were discussing in class today (is Naja a goddess or nah??) and to the Eurocentrism and white supremacy of “you will love me”, etc.

    As we move forward with this project, two notes: make sure you’re spelling the characters’ names right (especially since names are extra important in this play!), and remember also that this one is a play, not a poem.

    Can’t wait to see what you come up with!


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