Pre-Draft Assignment #2

I think Naomi Iizuka did a research on immigration and its impact on people, mother love, teenagers, drama, landscapes, and food. Some preparations that actors will have to do to perform this play are to be emotional, actors will also have to be prepared to transform into different settings during the play, they will also have to be prepared to stay focused during the play. The three things that grabbed my attention were: the use of food in the play because it was used mostly as source of persuading. The names that were used in the play because they played  a major role in constructing characters, lastly, immigration because it is an important topic that affects young generation, especially in our present time.In order for me to understand the three parts of that play that grabbed my attention, I will need to do a deep research on people with similar experience as the play, watch videos or documentaries, and talk to people around me would be a perfect way for me to understand the three concepts.This kind of research will help me connect to the play deeper and it will allow me to acquire the information more broadly.I might want to explain the powerful impact of immigration on people.My research will be great contribution for me to gain extra unique insight and themes of the play.

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  1. Nagi,

    Oooh, Nagi, I absolutely love the phrasing you have: that “the use of food in the play… was used mostly as [a] source of persuading” — so amazing to point out food as persuasion and coercion. If you wanted to research something like that and really develop it, that would be super cool. I would encourage you to pick one thing, one interest, and hone it into a specific question, you know?

    We’ll talk more in class tomorrow about the process of narrowing it down — I’m excited to see where you go with this!!


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