Assignment # 2 Pre Draft

I think Naomi Lizuka had to have done some research about the struggles refugees face when there in a new environment. I think Naomi does a great job in creating the characters in the play to play those difficult roles. What really stuck out to me in the play is not knowing the location of the play. Why would Naomi hide that from the crowd she is targeting? What message is she trying to get across to her crowd. This a question I would like to research on more closely. By researching this question, I would have a better understanding of the play when I read it the second time.

One thought on “Assignment # 2 Pre Draft”

  1. Jayson,

    I know we talked about this in class last week, but like I said, you’ve done a great job here. I love that you’re calling attention to her audience; given what she obscured and what she revealed about her characters, who do you imagine her target audience was with her play? Why do you think that? How does that impact you as an audience member, and how does that impact your interpretation of her play? What’s something you feel passionate about that you’d really like to dive more into with this project?

    We’ll talk more about it tomorrow in class — I look forward to seeing you!


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