Along the play, I realized that Anon, who seemed to be very healthy and seemed to have a strong will to survive could in fact have been mentally ill. Not only that it is also possible that the entire play is only his imagination. Although the play in itself is fictional, the characters in the play slightly hint that Anon could have some mental issues.

In regards to that, Anon could have developed schizophrenia because of the sheer stress that he suffered back in his home. Other than that he is clearly depressed and frustrated. In the paper, I want to discuss if the issue is common in refugees from war torn places.

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  1. Rinchen,

    This is the kind of intro work I think you can integrate into your rough draft really effectively! Just make sure you’re being very specific with your textual evidence with every claim you make!! I’m stoked to see where you go with this.


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