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In the playwright, Anon(ymous) is about a boy named Anon who is trying o find his mother. Over the course of the story meets new people. But in certain parts of the story, you may notice that Anon has some form of identity issues and the characters changes in the story like Calista and Mr Markus who ignores Anon and his mother Nemesani true names. In this essay ill be using the playwright Anon(ymous) to discuss the issues of identity lost in immigrants and minorities.
A person identity is like a fully detailed background check of who you really are and where you from. Losing your identity can easily happen it occurred throughout many eras of history most notable Ellis Island. People who immigrated to the United States to have their name changed. In peer-reviewed journal named “Ellis Island Nation: Immigration Policy and American Identity in the Twentieth Century” by Robert L. Fleegler the article talks about the assimilation of immigrants into the country by what’s called contributionism. Immigrants will contribute by adding their ideas and cultural into mix others which makes the United States of America the country of immigrants as we know today but, the problem with this is that immigrants slowly lose their own culture “ Contributionism emphasized that the cultural and economic assets of immigrants enrich America by celebrating the unique benefits of immigrants’ native cultures to American life. At the same time, however, contributionists frequently assumed that immigrants would lose some of the very distinctions that set them apart as their talents and skills were incorporated into the American nation” I believe this is true since both of my parents weren’t born in the united states but over time they started to opt out of their own traditions into a more American tradition.

The same goes for me or anyone who is 1st or 2nd generation American or was born in another country they’re family traditional may begin to diminish. There’s also an intergenational conflict that occurs due to the sudden change in cultures values generation after generation of immigrant families.


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  1. Davaughn,

    What a powerful beginning!

    I’m seeing tension that has the potential to be very rich and generative between your claim that Anon has “identity issues” and your claim that people like Calista and Mr. Mackus constantly invalidate Anon and Nemasani’s names. These two claims aren’t necessarily opposite each other, but I’d love for you to really explore the tension that they create in your paper. We usually think of “identity issues” as something inside a person; but then you suggest, totally accurately, that these issues might in fact come from outside forces (white supremacist and Eurocentric expectations about who has the right to name an individual, and therefore to identify them). How does Anon internalize (or not) this pressure? How does Nemasani (or not)? Probing those questions will really create a very rich paper!!

    Also, don’t forget to cite what page you’re getting your quotes from in parentheses at the end of the sentence! And don’t just plop your quote in there — really try to integrate it into your own language, and talk about what it means, why it’s worded the way it is, etc. That’ll help you really expand on how your own ideas interact with the scholars’ that you’re citing.

    Looking forward to your next draft!


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