Assignment #2 Rough Draft

Naomi Lizuka has done a great job in keeping the audience engaged through out the play. She does this by constantly having the audience guessing if the whole play is a dream, and not realty, or what is Anon’s real name, and why he doesn’t mention his real name, and even hiding the location of the play. Naomi does all these things intentionally to have us confused. The big question I have is why? Why would Naomi want to confused her audience?

There is a long process involved in playwriting a play. One of the main elements is having a topic or a specific subject you want to get across to your audience. This can be a message to want to get across, or even bring up the attention of a modern day issue. This involves a lot of research just as Naomi did to create Anonymous. This also clicks together with how you want a member of the audience to perceive what you’ve created.

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  1. Jayson,

    I’m soooo intrigued by your questions! You might want to rephrase as, “what impact does this disorientation have on the audience, and how does that impact Iizuka’s theme?” I think that might help you get deeper into the play itself with your essay.

    Also, her last name begins with I, not L — I know it’s hard to see in some fonts, but it’s an I!

    As you continue writing, I would encourage you to (a) refer to the playwright by her last name rather than her first name and (b) more importantly, think about telling your readers what you plan to investigate throughout your paper. I know you ask the question in the end of the first paragraph — and hopefully, by the time you’re finished researching and writing, you should have a good idea of what you think about that/your thesis, that you should work back into the structure of your paper — but since you seem to be heading into the direction of playwriting generally, I’d tell your reader that you’re going to analyze Anon(ymous) in terms of the playwriting process and narrative choices on audiences.

    Does that make sense? I’m eager to see what you come up with!!


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