Pre Draft Assignment #2

In order for Naomi Iizuka to write her play Anon(ymous), she must have researched the lifestyle of immigrants becoming refugees to have a better life. Correspondingly, the actors need to have excellent preparation for themselves as emotionally and physically prepare themselves as if they were the actual characters from the play. The actors need to get a sense of characterization. Three things that grabbed my attention was one being immigration due to how immigration was a huge factor in the poem with political issues and how Anon encounters with other people which are kind and some cruel to find his way to his mother. Overall I was grabbed by how many different types of people Anon encountered and with all having  different lifestyles and how he was carried on by others from place to place In order to find his home. I feel like in order for me to understand those three parts of the play in a deeper and meaningful way is for me to find people who can relate the experiences and hear them out or maybe even see the play so that I can see their emotions and face expressions. The way they express themselves when the actors play it out. I feel like I would like to talk about how immigration since anon was being helped by many different people and how it was a meaningful factor in the poem.

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  1. Ricardo,

    You always bring such a unique and important perspective to your pieces: no one else in the class has spoken extensively about how many different types of people Anon comes across, and I think that’s an amazing angle for you to focus on! We’ve been discussing a lot in class the kind of surreal feeling of the play, and how the people in it don’t always necessarily feel like they’re literally there: what might that do to your continued thinking about these people and this topic?

    I’m excited to see where you’ll go from here!


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