Assignment # 3

Close Reading of Ms. Marvel

For your third assignment, you will conduct a close reading of one scene (or several related scenes) from Ms. Marvel: Volume 1. This close reading should demonstrate not only an understanding of what happens in the text: it should probe deeply into the text’s form (for example: how do the images and the fonts interact with the words that are written to create meaning?), its implications, and its nuances. You can present your analysis in any of the formats listed in the Announcements section of our course blog: but remember that your close reading must be clearly demonstrated through your project and your artist statement!

This assignment will mostly be completed during class. This means that attendance during the next two weeks is crucial. I will be conducting personal check-ins with each of you every week; these check ins will serve as your draft grades.

The final project, along with your reflective artist’s statement, is due on the course blog no later than the last day of class, Friday, December 8th.

The reflective artist’s statement must include thorough, thoughtful answers to the following questions:

Throughout this project, what did you learn? What you didn’t learn? How you can use what you learned in future classes or life experiences? Why did you choose the assignment format that you did and how do you think this helped you analyze the comic? How do you think you could have pushed your analysis even further? What rhetorical choices did you make in your analysis and how did these choices advance your analysis? How did the process of peer review push your analysis forward? If it didn’t, why not? What fresh rhetorical insights might you bring from this assignment into future classes or life experriences?


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