Artist statement

Throughout this project I learned how I create imagery in my passage. This really helps my reader feel exactly what I’m pointing towards. I wouldn’t say I didn’t learn anything I always learn from my writing and along with improving my literature. I can always use what I learned in class to help me always write not only good poems but great essay analysis also cause I learned overall a ton of work having to do with writing in this class.

I loved writing poems for analysis cause it give me the creative space to use the same topic but to style it up .I could of pushed my analysis further by writing even more .Rhetorical questions I put in my poem was mrs.marvel questioning what the girl who judges her sees.The process of peer review pushed my  analysis forward because It helps me stay on track with my topics and gave me ideas towards my writing.  Rhetorical questions I will always use in the future have to do with equality and racism.

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