Latice Daniels

Lip stick vs chapstick

Tired of these wet bodily fluids running down my eyes, rushing towards the finish line which happens to be my cheeks. ..

Blood shot red eyes I can’t even seem to hide. ..

I’m hiding from reality …

I drift off to present time . ..

This gorgeous being constantly insults what god made me to be …

but I want her life. ..

My self esteem lowers and gets trapped as if it was never was a part of my body..

it’s somewhere stranded in the atmosphere with my dignity, looking for a body to connect to ..

My imagination travels through time … with given instructions from my emotions…

I cautiously look at my reflection through my own puddles of tears , but wait just a second ….

I see silky blonde hair. ..

What does she see ?? …

Someone who isn’t valued in this country ..

An alien ..

pigment on the skin I wear …

Someone who’s constantly laughed down on in today’s society for being different ..

Different tongues spoken…

Unique unfitted clothing ..made from blood sweat and someone else’s tears …

Traditional food which the smell resigns around the outside of my skin ..

Finding comfort on my clothing ..

She who judges my phenotype hides behind thick but precise made rose red lips & cotton soft blonde hair …

Times I find myself lost ..

I rather trade in reality for a role

A spontaneous being is who I teleport myself to act as.

Similar to the being she looks like.

I just give up my chance to feel,

just to drown it within a mask …

It swims to the bottom and dismisses itself from my body


Along with acting and what you would call pretending forms creation.. . .

My mis happiness and her cruelty forms a unique collaboration.


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