Assignment # 3

David Fernandez

Professor. Polish

English 102



There is a reason why some people like helping others. It could be because they were never helped themselves or it could be because they get a satisfaction from helping other people out. Sometimes it can be because they are influenced by someone that they look up to. In the “Ms. Marvel” comics Kamala who is Ms. Marvel and is the main character and hero of this series appears to be quiet and shy at first. Then eventually becomes the brave and fearless superhero that everyone knows especially when she notices others are in trouble.

From the beginning it is clear that Kamala has a strong relationship with her family especially with her dad. You can see that she also sees him as a role model since she quotes him sometimes and there are also times when her father comes to mind before she reacts to something. We can first see this when she saves her classmate Zoe from drowning because she was trying to avoid her drunk boyfriend Josh. Before she saves Zoe Kamala mentions that according to her father whoever saves another person is blessed. What her father said motivated her to save Zoe from drowning.

Another time that we can see this is after the first time Kamala tries to save Bruno’s brother Vick. She was caught eating all the food after she got back home from trying to save Vick and feel asleep. When her parents noticed she got back they woke her up and expressed their concern about her behavior. After having a conversation with her father that told her that

her name means perfection in Arabic she decided to go back and save Vick. She remembered that Vick was still in trouble and went back to save him.  

We can see that there are times when people become brave when they see that others need help. This is very true for Kamala who cares about the safety about other people even when it means she has to go through risky challenges to save them. What is also true is that she has a strong bond with her family. Who makes her the person she is.


Artist Statement

Before writing the essay I  thought about what I was going to focus on. I thought about how Kamala and her family bonds with each other and what examples I could use to make my point in the essay. I noticed that Kamala has a strong relationship with her father and that there were times before she saved someone that she will think about her dad.  So I thought about how her family influences her to be a hero.  What I learned is there can be many factors that make people a hero. Also they could have got their inspiration from someone else or they could have got it from their  experiences and what they went through.

I also learned in comics a hero sometimes work better when  they have something to fight for. When there is a purpose is when the hero is able to get the power to fight back. The purpose motivates them to do what is right for their family, friends or anyone else that they happen to meet. This book did a great job in showing that but it is not only the ones who have powers who can be a hero. Kamala’s mother, father and friend Nakia could be heroes too. The people who helps her realize to make right decisions.

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