Assignment #3 (Final)

The scene from the comic Ms. Marvel that stood out for me the most was when Kamala first transformed to Ms Marvel. This scene stood out to me the most because it does a really good job of showing how Kamala matures from an ordinary Teenage girl to a superhero. Although she does not like Zoe Kamala realizes Zoe is introuble Kamala’s fascial expression changed from being nervous and skeptical to being brave and heroic. One of the things that pushed Kamala to maturing is remembering a quote her father always told her “whoever kills one person, it is as if he has killed all of mankind and whoever saves one persons, it is as if he has saved all of mankind”. In the following panels Kamala goes on to save Zoe a mean/rude Teenage girl from her school. Kamala saves Zoe from drowning in the lake. She later reflects on her heroic actions this prompts her to realize that being a superhero is not how she expected it to be. In this panel she is staring out into the city, and is glad to say she lived a safe. The comic artist does a great job of showing this by having Kamala stare out into the city with all the mist from the terrigen bomb just flowing around her. She expected to have the great blonde hair and the same look as captain marvel, but instead the blonde hair gets in her face, and the high boots she imaged pinch her. She describes her powers as “like having a completely new sense”. Although she does not know how to control her powers yet she begins to gain more confidence in herself. Which reverts back to the 2 panels I brought up earlier. You can see the change in vibe that Kamala has in her face in the 2 panels. Her eye brows get low, and her face muscles tighten as if she is ready to fight crime. In conclusion anyone can gain the confidence to do anything they put their mind to just like Kamala did.



Artist Statement

I’ve learned a lot of important things by analyzing just 2 panels in this comic book. I’ve learned that by paying attention to the details it can give you a way better understanding of anything. By just analyzing those 2 panels I was able to put myself in Kamala’s shoes, and really get a field of the Kamala herself. I can use what I learned in future classes by paying more close attention to details. Maybe going over the material multiple to get a good understanding of the topic. Even taking things further so that I can really dig in to it is another important thing I learned. The process of peer review pushed my analysis forward, because my classmates were able to tell me what I needed to touch up on.

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