Ms. Marvel

I am just a teen

Why are you being so mean

Wanna to take a stand

for you to only reprimand

So many people still judged by their race

For there never ought to be such a place

They feel superior and they differentiate

Against those who are different and discriminate

we suppose to live in a socialized democracy

Jim Crow laws will never let me free

they judge you by where you come from and the color

of your skin

for many equality and respect seems impossible to win

painting faces black, doing a song and dance only  leads to division and war

just to show how ignorant many people dedicate themselves  to these laws

those men who once whore hoods and robes

today wear shirts and ties I’m told

divide and conquer is their plan

kick us out of our homeland

people of color convinced that all is well

a chilling fact indeed

and my mind’s confusing as hell

they seek to kill, steal, and destroy

we can’t let them succeed

or they will use us as their toys

just like Judas betrayed Jesus with a kiss

hell will be your eternal bliss

early Americans discovered had smaller, slender faces, and narrower skulls pay attention

Native Americans closely resembled the modern  people of Africa, Australia, and South Pacific I have to mention

without the Cherokees, Tainos, Pocahontas… many  would not exist

Christopher Columbus discovered America and so many lies there’s not enough space on this paper to list

we don’t walk around with useless chains

but much credit not given – unclaimed

he scars on our feet and hands still feel the same

oh what a crying shame

God I love you  – you refuse to  leave my side when I’ m spat at, beaten, humiliated, break down and cry

A world of hurt, hate and lies

a broken mind is terrible thing to face

when one’s world is crumbling all around I still have Faith

Don’t feel sorry for me, my pain is real

I’m not lying this how I feel

You point and laugh,  saying it can’t be true

It is for me, just not for you

my clothes, my hair

how I talk, the clothes I wear

cold as ice and black as night

it’s not our heart, ti’s your soul

killing me must be your goal

you’re getting close, no doubt, you know

creeping, lurking, you don’t have far to go

soon enough, you’ll reach the end

you’ll have my soul to tear apart from limb to limb

but you don’t know, you never ask

the look on my face, is giving me away

I wonder, what will you say

how long this will last

many rial  have come my way

but let me say

that Jesus has been there through it all

when words lashed and whips gashed

and made me fall

he rescues me and remind me that he’s the one

the  one that I can call

no matter how many fears

and when I think I’m alone here

I close my eyes and feel you get close; drawing near

America great


America hate

red, white and blue

Not any different from the colors of me and you

just because my head is covered

it doesn’t mean I’m  a terrorist, a killer or a robber

it shows I follow my religion right

but still a soar for your sight

Of course I’m fine, why do you ask

Oh, don’t mind this, it’s just my mask

don’t think it hides the grief, it hides my gripe

I wear it to escape my LIFE

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