1-)What three things do you want to ask your peers about your work?

Am I heading in the right direction?

Can you cope with my story ?

Does my story seems like Ms. Marvel and can you link them together?

2-)What three things are your favorite about your fan fic?

The fact that I’m able to create my own comic and turn myself into a super hero says it all. I’m extremely excited and can’t wait to see the final daft.

1-)What three things are you unsure of?

The first thing is, how can I relate my comic to Ms. Marvel and how can I write it without it sounding similar to Ms. Mavel story.

ENG 102: Writing Through Literature

T 8:00-9:00am, Th 8:00-10:15am, E265

Professor Jay Polish


Assignment # 3 — Narrative Essay on Ms. Marvel

For your third assignment, you will craft a narrative essay — in other words, a nonfiction story — that demonstrates your close reading and analysis of Ms. Marvel: Volume 1. Included in your narrative essay should be a close reading of one scene (or several related scenes) from Ms. Marvel. This close reading should demonstrate not only an understanding of what happens in the text: it should probe deeply into the text’s form (for example: how do the images and the fonts interact with the words that are written to create meaning?), its implications, and its nuances.

You will present this analysis in the form of a personalized (please do use “I” statements!), narrative essay. We will talk more about narrative essays in class, but for now, the Purdue OWL site has some good, concise information on the form: https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/685/04/

Thursday, May 24th — Please post to the blog and bring a hard copy of your fan fic rough draft (you will be peer reviewing them with your classmates). Include not only your fan fic draft, but also please answer each of the following: What three things do you want to ask your peers about your work? What three things are your favorite about your fan fic? What three things are you unsure of?

Tuesday, May 29th —Leave comments for two of your classmates on their blog post draft: in these comments, please address the questions your classmates included about what they want to ask their peers, as well as addressing three things your peers are unsure of.

Thursday, May 31 — In addition to the final draft of your narrative essay, please also post your reflective artist’s statement. This statement must include thorough, thoughtful answers to the following questions:

Throughout this project, what did you learn? What you didn’t learn? How you can use what you learned in future classes or life experiences? Why did you choose the assignment format that you did and how do you think this helped you analyze the comic? How do you think you could have pushed your analysis even further? What rhetorical choices did you make in your analysis and how did these choices advance your analysis? How did the process of peer review push your analysis forward? If it didn’t, why not? What fresh rhetorical insights might you bring from this assignment into future classes or life experiences?

“Poem for a lady whose voice I like” fanfic


She is not the same person she was. On some level, she understands that something fundamental had changed. Words can be roads, bridges that connect A to B. But words can also be walls that separate and isolate. Words can be both things at the same time. A word can have more than one meaning. A word can have opposite effects. He said, “time off”. She heard “time off”. The dictionary describes “off” as “away from the place in question; to or at a distance”. So, why did “time off” came out of his lips as a road, and got to her ears as a wall?

We tend to trust dictionaries. She did. What reason would she have not to? The words contained in a dictionary are a dogma. But now she found herself questioning this rigid notion encased in this hard box we call a dictionary. Does “off” have the same meaning for him that it has for me?

He was very confused. He merely suggested an innocent truce. I was hard to believe that they knew each other for so long, but now they were complete strangers to each other. They grew up in the same neighborhood, went to the same school and shared many friends. But right now, they spoke two different languages. English can be tricky that way. Words are not constrained by the meaning that a dictionary assigns them. They take new forms as we assign content and context to them. He was learning that the hard way. A misunderstanding? That would be an understatement. He meant what he said, but he was sure he didn’t mean what she heard.

Neither one of them could summon the courage to bring it up again. They kept frequenting the same places, the same friends, the same spaces. But something was radically different. Their relationship changed. They were different.

The space between them grew larger with time, a gap increasingly harder to bridge. Words could have brought them back together, but once the distance was too great, they had the opposite effect. They used them as a weapon to hurt each other. His, were blunt and heavy, like a mace. Relentless. With a heavy head that delivered powerful blows. Hers were sharp and acute, but not like a sword. More like barbed wire. A fence that surrounded her in every direction. A defense mechanism that both protected and isolated her at the same time. No one was allowed inside. She couldn’t get out either.

With time, he got used to it. Others around him shared the same code, the same language. His words connected him to the people around him.

She, on the other hand, grew apart from everyone around her. A castaway in a lonely island. Her only escape was to find a way out to a foreign place where a (metaphorically) different language was the norm. In time, she also found other allies. People who shared her language, but not her origin.

That afternoon, when they ran into each other again, the distance that separated them gained a life of its own. A cold and distant greeting was followed by polite, meaningless small talk. And, on the surface, everything might have seemed fine. But tension was building up. One word out of place and that delicate balance between politeness and tension would crumble, giving place to a new war of words.

¨How are you? I haven’t seen you around here in a while”, he said. “The days are evil, and I have to make the best use of my time”, she replied. So he said: you ain’t got no talent…


I’d like to ask my classmates what do they think about the story, if it’s easy to read, and what would they change about it?

My favorite things about the fanfic are the tone of the story, the remaining mysterious circumstances that drove them to the current situation and the possibilities that are still open.

I’m not so sure about the language in general, and if maybe I should be more specific about details about the characters and their past.

Origin stories are all too common

Origin stories are more ordinary than we think. Everybody has one. It’s the only thing that Kamala Khan, Scott Pilgrim, Santa Claus and Johnny Utah have in common. I have one, and you have one too. All of them involve a certain degree of uncertainty. I didn’t know if I really wanted to be a journalist, or a writer, or a musician. Kamala didn’t think she wanted to follow the path her family had set up for her and what to do once she got her superpowers. Scott didn’t know how to reconcile his interest in Ramona Flowers with doing the right thing with Knives.  

After I turned the last page of Ms. Marvel, I realized that there’s a reason why Kamala seems so vulnerable. It’s hard to develop empathy towards a character you can’t relate. When you see a superhero struggle with the same daily issues that you do, it’s easier to feel complicit. If you have no stake in the story, it’s harder feel invested in what happens.  

The weight of Kamala’s family heritage feels too heavy for her. She wants to be free from it, but at the same time, she doesn’t want to disappoint her parents. That’s another all too common trope that is easy to see in ourselves. For a lot of families, a career in a creative field seems like a delusion, a phase. Musicians, writers and journalists a disappointment for a lot of parents that expected doctors, lawyers and engineers instead.  

Once our superhero of choice is past all these external sources of pressure, they must deal with their own insecurities. Not many harbor the certainty of being good at what we do. Some of us aren’t at first. Some of us are good from the beginning but refuse to believe it. Some of us may never be good but refuse to quit. Uncertainty and doubt are always around most (the best) superheroes because with great power, comes great responsibility.   

Essay 3 Draft

The comic book MS. Marvel is about a Pakistani Muslim girl name Kamala Khan who gets the power of Ms. Marvel. She struggles to figure out how to control and use the power but more over she struggles with the identity and expectation of her religion and her parents.  As a Muslim girl I know how she felt because our religion has certain expectation on what we should eat. We can see Kamala in the first page dealing with her religious expectation where she is not supposed to eat BLT. As I noticed on the first page, she has been staring the BLT sandwich as she had never seen it before where she says, “I just want to smell it.” When she stares at it, her eyes are wide open and thinking about how will it taste and smell. The word smell in the comic book is in bold which express her emotions of feeling toward her religious principal on what must be eaten and what she wants to eat. This scene takes me to my past where I went through the same situation where I couldn’t eat some of the foods like she does. When I was in the lunch room with my Muslim friends at the middle school, my stomach was trembling and there wasn’t anything at the lunch room that I could eat expect an apple.  I knew that an apple couldn’t control my hunger so I ate a burger which I don’t know what was inside it and it smelled very good. I couldn’t control my hunger so I ended up eating the burger which I know that I’m not suppose to eat it.  That was when I realized that I crossed my religion’s expectation but that same time my other Muslim friends were eating it. That time I was struggling through if I really should follow these rules or just eat whatever I want as others in the society does.  At the end I got caught by my parents, who are very strict in these kind of stuffs and it was probably because of my friend, which connects with Kamala’s situation when her friend Bruno told her parents that she attended the party at late night. At the scene when her mother told her it was Bruno who told them, Kamala’s reaction to it was impossible.  Her eyebrows were shrunk down and the anger in her face shows her frustration towards her friend’s behavior. This scene takes me to certain part of my life, where I was surrounded my parents and they were judging on me and asking questions which my answer wouldn’t be able to convince them or show them how I felt.


Three things that I want to ask:

1) am I on the right track and is this the way we have to do this assignment?

2) Did I analysis MS. Marvel the way we should analysis it?

3) do I need to include anything else?

Three things I like about my fan fic?

1) I like the way how I connected my past with the comic book.

2) Connection between me and the comic book flows together properly.

Three things I’m unsure of?

1) If I am on the right track?




Ga-briel!!! baja, la comida está listo” said Flor. “OK MOM AND HOW MANY TIMES DO I NEED TO TELL YOU ITS GAI-BREE-UHL AND NOT GA-BRIEL!!!” said Gabriel. Gabriel goes down stairs to the dining table. “What is that? That looks disgusting” said Gabriel. “Those are tacos y ya come chamco” said Flor. “I think I’m going to order some pizza instead” said Gabriel. “I don’t know why you don’t want to eat mexican food if you are in fact a mexican too mi hijo” said Flor. “I know I’m some mexican but I consider myself to be AMERICAN BECAUSE I WAS BORN HERE, and I really don’t like mexican food” said Gabriel. “You know you should be ashamed of your race and ethnicity” said Flor. “I know but everything that’s being going on right now about hispanic people and specialty mexican people being criminals, I rather not consider myself a mexican nor a hispanic person, and tbh I kinda agree with our president” said Gabriel. “I don’t want hear another word from you, go to your ROOM NOW!!!!” said Flor. “Uuh whatever, I could care less” said Gabriel as he’s going to his room. “Oh snap the dallas cowboys are playing right now” said Gabriel as he turns the t.v on. “Breaking news, Another couple dozen undocumented people have been detained by ICE, some are parents who have US citizen children from ages 16-2 years. How does being undocumented or having family members undocumented have an effect on a adolescent’s physiological health? Stay tooned” said news reporter. “How bout I don’t stay tooned but I guess that would suck to be one those kids, and one of them is my age but that’s what they get because their parents came here illegally. I…. better change the channel before the game ends” said gabriel.

Scene2 school

Scene3 way back home

Scene4 powers/school

Scene5 becoming a hero

What powers should I give my hero?

Does it relate to Ms.Marvel?

Any suggestions?

Narrative Essay on Ms. Marvel Rough Rough Draft

Pamela Quezada

ENG 102

Professor Polish

21 March 2018

    Ms. Marvel comic we read in class had a boundary line in its realism and its fictional aspect of the story. Kamala Khan herself and the other characters were so humanistic that most of their characteristics crossed over that “line” and made it relatable to the readers. One of the scenes I could relate to the most was the family scenes Kamala had with her parents. Her mother appeared strict and unfair but appeared to hide her face after yelling as if she didn’t mean to say that and just expected better things from her only daughter. My mom as a Latina mother does the same thing when we get into heated arguments, and seeing that made me feel a connection to the comic. Flashbacks of the times I wasn’t enough for my parents began to fill my head as I read on. Kamala also has one older sibling, which is the same situation for me except I’ve got a sister who my parents spoil often. The cultural norms are one thing we’ve got different. My family isn’t very pushy when it comes to religion and our family culture, not as much as the rest of our family is at least. As I have written here, family is another key term in the comic.

Narrative Essay on Ms. Marvel Draft

Kayla Rivas

Professor Polish

ENG 102

24 May 2018


It all started in the sixth grade. I was going through an identity crisis. I went to a Catholic school were the majority of the people going there were white and blonde. So, at one point I began to believe that looking like that was the perfect way to live. I would refuse to praise my heritage, I wouldn’t speak Spanish and I would hate when my father had to go to parent conferences. I would see the looks people gave him as we walked down the hallway. He clearly didn’t fit in to the white and blonde population of the school. It wasn’t until I reached my sophomore year in high school that I understood that diversity is not a bad thing and I was truly able embraced my nationality.

This is evident in the comic book Ms. Marvel as well. Kamala also had an identity crisis and thought that in order to fit in she had to look and act a certain way. In the beginning of the comic we can clearly see how she longs to be like the popular kids who happen to be white and blonde. After getting her powers she realized how she would psychically change into a white and blonde girl, Captain Marvel, and she didn’t seem very happy with this. This shows how sometimes things need to happen to us for us to fully understand why things are the way they are. It wasn’t until I got to a public high school that I was proud to be a Latina. Kamala also had to go through some adventures such as fighting the robots, breaking the gym locker in her school and sneaking out of her house, to fully understand the reality. Kamala later understood why her parents cared for her the way they did.

Reading Ms. Marvel was something new for me. As a child my father would bring me comic books and I would read them but that died down quickly after I discovered the Diary of a Wimpy Kid collection. This was my first marvel comic and I really enjoyed reading it. I thought it was a bit relatable especially with her parents. My mother is very strict, and I see how upset she gets when my sister doesn’t come home before curfew. I enjoyed being able to see how they made kamala a bit of a nerd because you can easily relate to her. Many kids aren’t “lucky” enough to be the popular ones in high school so having Kamala be a nerd and not too popular made me feel like the comic book was directed to me.

Being able to relate to a character in a book is something I really enjoy because I don’t feel alone especially when I am going through stuff. Reading about how many people have identity crisis is kind of comforting. Talking about stuff is also very useful like the way Kamala talked to Bruno. When I had my identity crisis I didn’t really tell anyone, but I know my mother figured out especially when I asked her if I can dye my hair blonde at the age of eleven. I feel like these new books and movies that are full of diversity are helping people. I am still waiting for some representation for the Latino community, but I don’t doubt that it is in its works.

Overall, I was able to see parts of my story in Ms. Marvel and this is great. I really think that including people of all nationalities in books and movies can really help unify people. In my sister’s graduation last week, NYU had a guest speaker who happened to be the prime minister of Canada. I didn’t know who was or why people were cheering so loudly for him until he started speaking. He talked about how everyone must be united even if we have opposing views with one another. He went on to say how we must at least give each other a chance to talk before we judge. At this point I was very interested in what he was saying. I feel like Ms. Marvel kind of did this. The creators of this comic really did what the prime minister said, they tried unifying people by making this comic about a Muslim girl in New Jersey.





  • What three things do you want to ask your peers about your work?

I want to know if my essay has a good flow. I also want to make sure that what I wrote makes sense and if I’m making enough comparisons between the comic and my story.

  • What three things are your favorite about your fanfic?

My three favorite things about my essay are: that I was able to incorporate my story with the comic, that I wasn’t very vague with my examples and, I wrote about important things that are occurring in our world today.

  • What three things are you unsure of?

Three things that I am unsure of are: the flow of my essay, if what I wrote makes sense to the reader and if I incorporate Ms. Marvel enough.


final draft

Sanjida Ridhe

Professor Jay Polish

Final draft

May 8, 2018

Was memory loss the most effect way to cope with trauma?

Memory loss is a tricky and frustrating situation which is caused by multiple factors. There are many specific cases where trauma is the reason behind your memory loss. According to research physical and emotional trauma can directly affect your memory. Sometimes the memory loss may be temporary but there are cases where it can become permanent regarding the type of trauma you went through such as a possible severe brain injury or psychological trauma. Luckily our character Nemasani, mother for “Anon”, her memory was not permanently impacted. Although she did use memory loss and denial when it came to the loss of her son.

Anonymous is a thrilling and intense play written by Naomi Iizuka that tells the heartbreaking story of the separation between a mother and her son during the midst of horrible war occuring in the background. This play starts of anon telling his story and his journey to finding and reuniting with his mom only to realize that she has forgotten him and is in denial when he is pushing the truth on her which is that he was never dead only lost. The play does go back and forth between Anon’s life and Nemasani’s and her story is everything that happened to her after her dear son was “killed in the storm”. Nemasani is working in a sweatshop, always being bothered by her boss who has no boundaries and each time she is asked about her son, she repeatedly says he’s dead. This play is definitely one for the feels and the harshness of this story becomes obvious when Anon soon does find his mother and it’s heartbreaking where she refuses to believe he is who he says he is. She constantly told herself and others that she no longer had a son. She started to believe the truth. Her true recollection of the facts refused to kick in even after Anon constantly told her what she is saying is true.

What Nemasani has done here is a clear fact of her decision to cope with trauma with Denial. I believe that she has chose to have denial has her coping mechanism. She knowingly did it and here’s why. Denial is in fact a psychological defense. It is one of the many reactions to trauma. Denial can involve denying or rejecting the traumatic event happened, refusing or denying that it was traumatic and pretending to feel an emotion of certainness when you aren’t. It is said that “If you’re in denial, you’re trying to protect yourself by refusing to accept the truth about something that’s happening in your life”. (mayoclinic.org, lines 1-2). According to an article written by Mayo Clinic discussing denial and its effects, some symptoms of denial are (you) “won’t acknowledge a difficult situation, try not to face the facts of a problem, and downplay possible consequences of the issue”. On page 50, during the scene where Nemasani and Anon look at each other for the first time after Anon says in broken lines which in a full sentence would be “What if I told you…what If somehow…But what if- you have a son?” Nemasani is refusing to let him say what she is scared he might say. She replies with lines such as  “No. Don’t say it..please don’t”. And when Anon says “What if?” Nemani replies with “ I don’t believe in “what if”. “What if” will break your heart. After she hears that he says she has a son she immediately says “My son died. He died a long time ago. He was just a little boy and he died”. Anon is begging for her to listen and she apologizes and just simply says that she can’t. This is an example of how Nemasani fits 2 of the symptoms described above. She isn’t trying to acknowledge the truth of a difficult situation that she is speaking to the son that she thought she had lost. She also isn’t trying to face the facts of the problem. She only assumed he was dead. She never really found his body or reported what had happened to him. She was only left with having to cope with her loss and to starting a new life without him.

When I think of dealing with immense trauma, a certain career choice comes to mind and that would be anyone in the Medical department. How do they experience and cope with death? “Nearly all the students experienced some sort of degree of distress upon the death of patients. This anxiety mostly included sadness but also included guilt and anger” (OMEGA, VOL 68(3) 207-228, 2013-2014). Upon reading this I began to think of what Nemasani and Anon have done. Nemasani’s sadness brought on extreme sadness she had chosen to be oblivious to her facts and believe something that was much easier for her to understand. Anon’s anger and sadness resided when he refused to tell anyone his name. He got angry in the beginning of the story when Calista and Anon had a conversation upon where he would go since he refused to go anywhere with her. Each time he would say no. When she replied with “but this is your home”, he would always say no and make sure she knew he wanted her real home. Another example would be the mentioning of his mother throughout the various groups of people he met. A common response to a question about his mom was “Don’t talk about my mom”. It’s researched that “Students who experienced deaths that were the results of code situations (where the student may not have met the patient before) often did not have an emotional response to the losses. However some students lost patients with whom they interacted for days or even weeks, leading them to develop an attachment to the patient” (OMEGA, VOL 68(3) 207-228, 2013-2014). This is only the bond between a patient and their doctor. Imagine the bond between a mother and her child? A mother and her child seperated is meant for severe depression and can cause many types of trauma and having to cope with it, there would be drastic solutions than the one Nemasani has went through.

Nemasani dealt with trauma one way and Anon dealt with it another which was memory loss. Throughout the story, he does seem to be repeating the story of him and his mom multiple times but there are still some hazy facts here and there. He isn’t sure of most things but one thing he is of course sure of is that once he woke up from the wrath of the terrible storm and was taken in by an American family is that he knows this isn’t his real home. He also changes his name multiple times throughout the story going from “Anon, to nobody, to koori..etc”. One of his names was even “Monkey”. That’s cause to smirk! He doesn’t ever give his actual name. There was an important scene during this play that I’d like to focus on. He had trouble getting recollection of his memory but after talking to this girl Naja she helps him remember. On page 24, Naja is repeatedly asking “what do you remember?” When anon says “I don’t know where to begin. I don’t know how. I don’t know how to begin”. Naja replies with “Begin in the middle, on the border, on the crossing. Begin in the place in between”. Naja is trying to help him gather his thoughts and it works. He soon starts to remember his mother and how she used to hold him as a baby. Nemasani and Anon both had memory loss but in the sense where they pushed the trauma to the back of their mind and as for Anon his perseverance in finding his mother is what was helping him get through this and remember. According to research, “Memory loss is a natural survival skill and defense mechanism humans develop to protect themselves from psychological damage”. (casapalmera.com) It is also said that “A person will often suppress memories of a traumatic event until they are ready to handle them, which may never occur”. Nemasani clearly has done this to get through the loss of her son. I would say that Anon has also done the same when it comes to suppressing memories because he doesn’t remember everything and this adventure in finding his mom is what is helping regaining his memory. Everyone he bumps into he soon collects more and more pieces he didn’t know were there.

Research has proved that the 2 coping mechanisms Nemasani and Anon have used is the case of denial and memory loss. Suppressing memories for Anon was more of a conscious choice rather than choosing to be in denial which was Nemasani’s choice because she didn’t want to face facts and if she went through denial she’d only be remembering her song instead of having to relive traumatic situations and mourne even longer than she is now. Deep down Nemasani always knew about her son and have thought about him in a different way she seems to show as if she’s not.

Works cited

Pessagno, Regina, et al. “Dealing with Death: Medical Students’ Experiences with Patient Loss.” Omega: Journal of Death & Dying, vol. 68, no. 3, Sept. 2013, pp. 207-228. EBSCOhost, doi:10.2190/OM.68.3.b.

Staff, C. (2018). How Trauma Affects Your Memory. [online] Casapalmera.com. Available at: https://casapalmera.com/blog/how-trauma-affects-your-memory/ [Accessed 10 May 2018].

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I think the trickiest pieces of paper to write our research papers. Especially in college. It’s very frustrating to know that it involves a lot more than just writing about characters and the story you actually have to search up articles that relate to your story and the point you’re trying to make across and then try to add it into your story. Finding the right kind of research and writing about it was always a big trouble I have. I still do to this day. I am proud of the way I can make analyzations though, after reading this play it was super easy to interpret this in an analytical way and come up with the topic I wanted for my research paper. After that, I would say things went downhill. Like I said it’s very difficult for me to connect the research in with the story because the kind of topic I chose was analytical and opinion based. I am not a doctor to be identifying their symptoms and giving them like some issue they have. What I will say about my research is I could have used more articles that helped probably 75% more instead of 60% percent. The research I chose could have led the topic I chose in multiple directions. Choosing one direction would be very difficult. The kind of research I was reading up upon and have come across with have made me understand this play from more psychological perspective. Any dialogue the characters such as Anon and Nemasani I was able to see it in a way a doctor would or see it in a way where I can understand that this isn’t necessarily a normal state of mind the characters were in clearly. I’m not going to lie to you I despise research papers with a passion. I hear it all the time that as I get older that is all I am going to be writing but I just don’t seem to be getting better at it. Peer review helps in the sense where I am literally getting someone else’s viewpoint on things and they are only trying to help me get better but trying to get better at a thing I don’t even think I am remotely good at is difficult.

Assignment # 2 — Research Essay Analyzing Anon(ymous)

Ary Sanchez

Professor Jay Polish

ENG 102 Writing Through Literature

May 7,  2018

How does being undocumented or having family members undocumented have an effect on a adolescent’s physiological health portrayed in Anon(ymous)?

In the play Anon(ymous) by Naomi Iizuka it depicts a boy named Anon whos goes on a journey to find his mother Nemasani. At the begin of the play, the chorus of refugees describes where they are from. Even though they don’t tell us where Anon is from we can assume that he represents the chorus of refugees, which is everybody other than Americans. We can also assume that he and his mother are undocumented immigrants. In the past decade many families have immigrated to the united states illegally due to some complications in the origin of their country. This has caused them to live under the shadow of America due to not wanting to be caught by Immigration and Customs Enforcement also know as ICE. Many undocumented immigrants are caught by ICE and are separated from their kids and family only to never see them again. These implications of being an undocumented immigrant can have a serious effects on the physiological health of a kid and adult. These can be depict in the play Anon(ymous), for example Anon who is separated from his mom Nemasni.

WAR in the middle east. POVERTY in Africa. CRIMES in south America. Even though there are other continents with problems these are the main problems. In the recent years many people in the middle east have died due to war between terrorist groups and others. These wars had cause in destruction in cities and homes in which people once lived. Many of this wars had tanks and bombs. Many of these tanks were offered by the united states in order to fight communist. Many of the bombs are from American planes who have not exploded when impact. In the recent years many people have died of starvation in Africa due to poverty. This is because there’s not a lot resource in some parts of Africa. Africa can’t make jobs as there is not much they can produce. Which leads to the country suffering from lack of money, food and other factors. Also many have died in south America due to the high rates of crimes. This is because there is a lot of crimes in south America due to drug lords and gangs. In many differents parts of south america there’s corruption because the drug lords and gangs buying the government and the police. One of these example is Pablo Emilio Escobar who’s net worth was estimated to about $56 billion dollars. He had almost controlled the whole country of Colombia. As he had offer the president to pay Colombia’s debt in order to be left alone and he had also have a puppet president.  That’s the many reasons why people come to the United states of America in the pursed of a better life. Many have sailed thousands of miles and many others have walked 1000 miles in order to reach America and this can take around days. Unlike others who have the luxury to go to another country in hours. Once arriving to this country many have to live in the shadows.

As time passes many of these undocumented immigrants have a stable live, many don’t have the best job in the world but at least it pays for the bills. They have a decent job, they then have a home and finally they have a family. But one day they receive a knock at door. They open the door only to see ICE. As the cops are arresting one parent, the adolescents are seeing this happened. But if the cops are arresting both parent, the adolescents are sent to an orphanage, foster home or foster family. This can cause “trauma occurring to children when families are separated by immigration policies”(Knopf). Also “Forced parent–child separation and parental loss are potentially traumatic events (PTEs) with adverse effects on children’s mental health”(Flores). There was a study conducted by American Psychological Association based on the mental health of citizen adolcensent’s whose parent was about to deported or detained. The study was conducted on 91 Latino U.S.-born children, ages 6 to 12, with mixed-status families. The results “indicate that PTSD symptoms as reported by parent were significantly higher for children of detained and deported parents compared to citizen children whose parents were either legal permanent residents or undocumented without prior contact with immigration enforcement”(Flores). It’s very hard to believe that a children whose parents are in danger of being detained and deported show PTSD symptoms at a very early age compare to those whose parents are legal permanent residents. Also “findings revealed differences in child internalizing problems associated with parental detention and deportation as reported by parent as well as differences in overall child functioning as reported by clinician”(Flores). This means that it affects the development of an adolescent physiological mind, meaning that these kids tend to be sad compare to other kids. Now the solution to this problem is not to separate kids from their parents but to take into consideration the best interest of Latino citizen children and take in factors, like a kids mental health.

The play Anon(ymous) is about Anon who got separated from his mom, and Anon goes on a journey to find her. If we compare our research to Anon(ymous), Anon shows signs of PTSD, trauma, and stress. Even though Anon is not a US citizen he stills shows signs of  PTSD, trauma, and stress. An example of this is on page 15 when Anon got separated from his mom. In this scene he remembers swimming in a storm. This shows of a tragic event that he has flashbacks, which is also known as trauma. But on page 25 he has the same flashback but this time he see his mom vanish which resulted them to be separated which is known as PTSD. This is goes well with my research because Anon and Nemasani got separated resulting Anon to have PTSD and trauma like the kids in the study.

We can assume that Anon is a adolescent, age 12-18. Anon shows signs of PTSD and trauma, but what are the symptoms of PTSD. Well according to the US Government “Children age 12 to 18 have symptoms more similar to adults: depression, anxiety, withdrawal, or reckless behavior like substance abuse or running away”. What about trauma symptoms? The symptoms of trauma are “Loss of interest in previously-enjoyed activities, Angry outbursts, Irritability, Behavioral inhibition, Reckless behaviors, Regression”(villagebh). Trauma and PTSD have similars symptoms. But these symptoms are portrayed in Anon.

If we exam the symptom reckless behaviors in Anon in the play there’s many scenes where he shows reckless behavior. One scene where Anon shows reckless behavior is on page 25. He meets a guy named Pascual whose around the same age as Anon. Anon then gets into a fight with Pascual. Anon then gets on a train with Pascual, which have resulted Anon getting hurt. This is clearly signs of reckless. Another example of reckless is on page 35. Anon meets Strygal who offers a ride to Anon and Belen on his truck. As they are driving, Anon hears people on Strygal’s back of his truck. Anon confronts him but Strygal denies it, Anon then tells him to stop the truck but Strygal doesn’t stop. Anon then tries to control the wheel but results in the truck crashing. Anon then sees these people going to place for dead people and those are the people died in truck. This was so reckless of Anon as he got people to die.

Many people from all of the world come to America to pursed of a better life, something that they didn’t have back home. So many are willing to sail and walk miles to get to America. Many are undocumented immigrants, who then establish a life here. These undocumented immigrants are detained and deported to their country of origin. But what people don’t realize is that this can cause some serious implications for a kid who is separated from his parents, like trauma and PTSD. A perfected example of this Anon who has trauma and PTSD and this can be seen in the play Anon(ymous).


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