In the world afore, during 1880, a girl named X who is “she” in the poem got separated from her mother and worked as a slave in a palace. Her boss is the richest family in that country and they owned schools,hospitals and so on. They had many slaves working for them. When her boss told her,”X! you can stay in this palace and get to sleep here” there wasn’t no happiness in her face because she was full of depressed and missed her mother. she got her own tiny room where she has to share with other slave members and she doesn’t get along with other slave members.

One day on her way to the garden she found a small room full of used textbooks and newspaper and said to herself,”what are these use for?” from that day onward she went to that room secretly every day to explore about those books and from there she got a knowledge about the world. Every day she sits alone near the window and watches everyone playing outside or going out with their parents. “Why couldn’t i be free and be like everyone with my parents?”, says X(She).

At one point, she got really depressed and had a dream about her mother every night  and woke up crying. At the age of 15 she tried to commit suicide. Knowing this her owner decided to send her to his own school as a half time student. So, she can get relief from her depression and she won’t think about committing suicide again. Her owner came up with this decision so he won’t get in trouble if she commit suicide. So, he asked, “do you want to go to school as a half time student?” She was surprised after hearing this from her owner. She replied, “yes, i would love to but..” “but what?” said the owner. “is it possible for me to attend school?” said the girl. By reading the used textbooks, she knew that African American are not allowed to get educations. Her boss replied, “don’t worry it’s my school so you would be able to attend school.”

On the first day of school, she got bullied and it made her depressed even more and she didn’t have anyone to share her feelings with after going home. On the second day, when she went to school the same thing happened again. She plead everyone to leave her alone. A dominate voice came from behind the crowd, “everyone leave her alone” said Y (“he”). That was the first time X met Y. Y helped her out from bullying and made her feel like she is also like one of them. she doesn’t know that Y is her owner’s son and he doesn’t know X works in his house.

They both met every day in school and even outside the classroom. At one point they realized that they both were in love and he planned of proposing X. So, he asked for her address and that’s how he came to know that X lives in his house as a slave. After knowing this he started to like her even more. His parents came to know about this and warned him to forget her but he didn’t listen to them. Finally, his parents threaten him and said, “if you don’t forget her, then i will kill her” so, he didn’t know what to do so he started to avoid her. They both met each other after a week. X asked him ” why aren’t you talking to me? are you avoiding me?” so he said, “you ain’t got no talent if you didn’t have a face you wouldn’t be nobody” and she said, “god created heaven and earth and all that’s Black within them” so he said, “you ain’t really no hot shit they tell me plenty sisters take care better business than you” this made her heart broken and felt alone again. When they went apart, tears rolled from Y’s eyes and said to himself, ” i hope one day you will get to know that i did all these things to save your life from my parents.”

I want to know if my story is well developed and has consequence? or do i have add more details?

what’s my favorite in my fan fiction is, i like the way how i made connection with history.

i’m not sure if my story is well developed.


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  1. Farzana,

    Wow, what a powerful story. Thank you for sharing!

    I would encourage you to actually remove the reference to the poem in the beginning — just tell us X’s story (clever name you chose!!!), and trust your reader to understand the references you’re making.

    Additionally, in terms of your question about consequences, I want to point out that the slave “owner” would not get in trouble if X committed suicide; more likely, he would be more worried about losing a piece of working “property” than he would be about her actual welfare.

    I absolutely love, love, loveeee the way you integrate the poem, by the way: what a powerful form of interweaving Givoanni’s words into your own story. Truly gorgeous.

    Beautiful work — I can’t wait to see how this develops.


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