Fanfic reflection draft

I believe the creative process is in itself a way of learning. The opportunity that creative work affords us resides in the willingness to absorb the lessons that may come in different shapes and from different sources. For me, there are two main sources that drive the gain of knowledge product of that process. When creating, we are given the chance to explore a small portion of ourselves. Everything we imagine comes from somewhere, and if we are willing to follow that thread, we might shed some light on our own experiences and how they affect us. There´s also something to be learned from how our creative work has an impact on other people and their feedback. I’m used to receiving feedback and editorial notes on my writing, but I’ve learned that you can always improve your writing by listening to what others have to say about your pieces. I try to keep learning from people who share their opinion and experiences with me so I can produce something that’s reflective of my experiences, but relatable, or interesting, at the same time.

With this particular piece, I learned that I tend to structure dialogue in a way that sometimes might be a little confusing. I either assume the reader knows the same things I do, or I favor a more ambiguous version of things where the reader can work more, filling the blank spaces I leave them. I also learned, for this particular text, that I could work on the pace, which is something I think about a lot when I write. I could provide more space for the text to breed a little better. That would also add some of those blank spaces that I like to insert.

I still need to work on the piece a little more, but I understand now that working on the rhythm is a good way of making it more accessible.


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