Three questions about the play

  • where does Naja comes from and how does she know that Anon is with Calista?
  • why Anon is telling everyone a different name?
  • where did Pascal came from and what he was doing in the water?

Two body gestures

When  Nemasani began to remove the stitches of the shroud to avoid marrying Mr. Mackus i began to smile.

Another body gestures that inspired me was, when Helen Laius was listening to Nemasani’s story and when she gave her advise on how to overcome her sorrow. Even though Helen was senator’s wife, she was helping Nemasani and told her meditation and yoga are very helpful, i was nodding my head for this part.

Two sounds

I like the way how the play has an transition words for each scene . For example in page 15, ” the ocean transforms into the sewing factory” this shows that the scene is moving from ocean to a sewing factory scene.

Another sound that inspired me was, in page 5 i like the way how he combines the sound of war to the sewing factory.

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