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Does Anon from the play Anon(ymous) suffer from dissociative amnesia resulting from his experience with war?

    War is an element that greatly affects individuals both physically and mentally. People who are often caught in the middle of war often face trauma as loved ones are lost in the crossfire, or families are separated as they try to escape looking for a safer home. In Anonymous we see how Anon is greatly affected by war especially after being separated from his mother. He copes by constantly referring to himself as someone else or as no one stating “ I changed my name, I became Anonymous, my name is Anonymous.” Part of his coping mechanisms refers to him becoming forgetful or repressing past memories. As they often stem from torment and experiences of the war. How he hears bombs dropping, smells the sweet and spicy odor of death or seeing bombs planted like flowers in the ground. Often leading him to block out information often as a result of these stressful or traumatic events.

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  1. Does my research question make sense?
  2. Is my question to lengthy? Show I cut it down?
  3. As I continue writing should I dedicate a paragraph where I only talk about and explain what dissociative amnesia is? Should it include Anon’s mother?
  4. As this is the first paragraph is my research question and examples straightforward?
  5. Is the idea interesting?

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  1. Jaylin,

    As I said in class, you are on an absolutely brilliant path here. I absolutely love the outline you were making on your tablet; this is going to be a spectacular paper. The way you seamlessly are interweaving the play with your research is just spectacular. I truly can’t wait to see what you come up with. Thank you so much for letting me share some of your work as an example today: really great job!! Keep it up 🙂


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