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Q: How does a reserved person deal with traumatic memories or symptoms of PTSD?

Traumatic issues can happen to anyone, it is common, and you always need help going through it. Going through traumatic issues in life is always a difficult thing to go through on your own, and since some people do not always have the faith in them to talk to others about it, they can make it worse by bottling it up. Recovering from PTSD can have its steps, the most stressful one can be having flashbacks, “a sudden, vivid memory that makes you feel like you are experiencing your trauma all over again. It’s a physical feeling of being there, not just a normal memory where you are recalling what has happened.” (Deloe, Jami 2015). In the play, the main character anon experiences the same flashbacks, and describes his memories as if he were there as well; “where I come from there was a war that lasted so long. Where I come from bombs rained down from the sky night after night.” (Iizuka, Naomi pg.4) War can be a traumatic moment and have a big impact in anyone’s life, due to the stress, fear, and the loudness of it. Through his descriptions, we can see where anon comes from and see from his perspective. Psychologists even agree that “a sustained stressful experience that might involve multiple trauma types (e.g., experiences at war) are also vulnerable to memory distortion. In fact, traumatic memory distortion appears to follow a particular pattern: people tend to remember experiencing even more trauma than they actually did.” (Lents, Nathan H. 2016). Perhaps that is also why he has trouble accepting his real name to other strangers, his trust issues get to him and he is still haunted by his past.


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Are my sources for my research topic good? Or should I get more sources?

Does my research topic fit the assignment?

Is my rough draft well cited and organized so far?

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  1. Pam,

    Good beginning you have here! I like what you’re researching, and both your sources and topic fit the assignment really well!

    As you continue, I want to encourage you to really slow things down and flesh them out more. For example, you quote Anon’s “where I come from” thing, which I absolutely love. In your next draft, I would love to see you really linger there and take your time with that quote and others like it (both from the play and from your scholarly sources — also, make sure you have one from an academic journal!). Take your time and really make sure you’re fully explaining everything you’re doing in your paper so that your audience has the time and space to really soak in what you’re saying.

    Slow it down, expand on each point, and you’re definitely on the right track! I’m excited to see where you go with this!


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