Narrative Essay on Ms. Marvel Rough Rough Draft

Pamela Quezada

ENG 102

Professor Polish

21 March 2018

    Ms. Marvel comic we read in class had a boundary line in its realism and its fictional aspect of the story. Kamala Khan herself and the other characters were so humanistic that most of their characteristics crossed over that “line” and made it relatable to the readers. One of the scenes I could relate to the most was the family scenes Kamala had with her parents. Her mother appeared strict and unfair but appeared to hide her face after yelling as if she didn’t mean to say that and just expected better things from her only daughter. My mom as a Latina mother does the same thing when we get into heated arguments, and seeing that made me feel a connection to the comic. Flashbacks of the times I wasn’t enough for my parents began to fill my head as I read on. Kamala also has one older sibling, which is the same situation for me except I’ve got a sister who my parents spoil often. The cultural norms are one thing we’ve got different. My family isn’t very pushy when it comes to religion and our family culture, not as much as the rest of our family is at least. As I have written here, family is another key term in the comic.

One thought on “Narrative Essay on Ms. Marvel Rough Rough Draft”

  1. Pam,

    Gotta say it again — I love that The 😉

    I want to reiterate what we talked about last week — you’re doing a great job so far, and I would encourage you to put more of your own journey reading this comic. That’s going to be what really makes readers keep wanting to read. Remember, we can go read a summary of the comic book on any old website, but only you can tell the story of how your relationship with the comic, and what reading it was like for you. Feel free to really dive in, in whatever ways you feel comfortable, emphasizing your voice throughout.

    You’ve got this — I can’t wait to see where it goes from here!


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