Final Draft

Ga-briel!!! baja, la comida está listo” shouted Flor.


“OK MOM AND HOW MANY TIMES DO I NEED TO TELL YOU ITS GAI-BREE-UHL AND NOT GA-BRIEL!!!”. called Gabriel. He stomps down stairs to the dining table. “What is that? That looks disgusting,” he groans


“Those are tacos y ya come chamco” said Flor.


“I think I’m going to order some pizza instead” said Gabriel.


“I don’t know why you don’t want to eat mexican food if you are in fact a mexican too mijo” said Flor.


“I know I’m some mexican but I consider myself to be AMERICAN BECAUSE I WAS BORN HERE, and I really don’t like mexican food” Gabriel raises his voice.


“You know you shouldn’t be ashamed of your race and ethnicity” said Flor.

“I know but everything that’s being going on right now about hispanic people and specialty mexican people being criminals, I rather not consider myself a mexican nor a hispanic person, and tbh I kinda agree with our president” said Gabriel.


“I don’t want hear another word from you, go to your ROOM NOW!!!!” Flor yells.


“Uuh whatever, I could care less” said Gabriel as he’s going to his room. “Oh snap the dallas cowboys are playing right now” said Gabriel as he turns the t.v on.


“Breaking news, Another couple dozen undocumented people have been detained by ICE again, some are parents who have US citizen children from ages 16-2 years. Next on nbc news, How does being undocumented or having family members undocumented have an effect on a adolescent’s physiological health? Stay tooned” said news reporter.


“How bout I don’t stay tooned but I guess that would suck to be one those kids, and one of them is my age but that’s what they get because their parents came here illegally. I…. better change the channel before the game ends” said gabriel.


Next Day at school.

“Hey bro you watched the game last night?” said Charles.


“Of course bro how can I miss the game, it’s basically like if you don’t watch the game you are not from Texas” said Gabriel.


“I know right it’s like…” said Charles.


“Wait hold that thought bro, Hey! Was up James you saw the game last night, it was so good” said Gabriel.


“I did see the game Gabriel, now get out face” said James.


“Ok bro see you in practice” said Gabriel.


“You know he doesn’t like you because you’re Hispanic”said Charles.


“I know… but I was born here in American, even though my background is mexican it doesn’t mean I’m mexican” said Gabriel.


“Hey, was up David” said Charles.


“Hey did you see the game last night?” said Gabriel.


“No, I didn’t see the game, can you guys just leave me alone please” said David.

“Woah, someone’s in bad mood what are you going to cry or what?” said Gabriel.


“ I SAID LEAVE ME ALONE!!” said David.


“Ok, I’m sorry bro do you want to talk it about?” said Gabriel.


“They….. deported my dad last night, I don’t know if he will ever return back” said David.


“Hey I’m sorry about your dad and your family, it must be tough for you guys. At least he’s not in jail, that is worse than being deported” said Charles.


“Yeah I know” said David.


“WOAH your dad is a undocumented illegal immigrant, but what crime did he do to be detained?” said Gabriel.


“It was just a minor crime, that’s IT and they still detained him” said David.


“Well if he commited a minor crime, its consider a crime and I think it’s better if we don’t hang out anymore. I don’t want no one to see me hanging out with a guy whos dad is a illegal immigrant criminal. BYE” said Gabriel, he leaves.


Football Practice

“Ok ladies, I want 10 laps and get to your positions” said coach.


“ Yes sir!” said everybody.


“That was not cool Gabriel, how can you just not be friends with David anymore when we have being friends for more than 8 years, he needs his friends to support him at this time of crises” said Charles.


“Let me tell you something Charles, I don’t want to hang out with someone who is related with a illegal immigrant” said Gabriel.


“You know you shouldn’t be ashamed of your race and ethnicity” said Charles.


“You sound exactly like my mother” said Gabriel.


“How about we go to David’s house and show some…”said Charles.


“Yo James was up bro” said Gabriel.


“How bout you go hang out with you illegal undocumented people” said James.


“Nice one bro” said James friend.


“Haha” said james friend 2.


“But I was born here and I don’t even hang out with hispanic people” said Gabriel.


“Ok then, well I don’t believe you for a second. But if want to hang out with us you gotta prove yourself” said James as he spots David.


“Ok what do you want me to do?” said Gabriel.


“Well go over there to david and push him, also tell him that his dad got what he deserved for coming to this country illegally”said James.


“Ok…” said Gabriel as he’s heading towards David.


“Your dad got what he deserved for coming to this country illegally”said Gabriel as he pushes David.


“Why Gabriel? We have been friends for 8 years and just because my dad is undocumented you treat me like this? I thought you were better than this” said David.




“Hey good job bro I guess you’re American after all, I’ll see you this saturday at my place after midnight and do NOT BE LATE” said James.


”Alright bro, and I won’t be late” said Gabriel.


Principal Office

“What is the meaning of THIS!” said the principle.


“Well I was just stating facts” said Gabriel.


“David you can go and I’m sorry about your dad” said principle.


“Thank you Principal Smith” said David.


“WHAT? You’re going to let him go but not me” said Gabriel.


“You should damn know why I let him go Gabriel. Just because we have a president who is racist, it doesn’t mean we can all be racist. At the end of the day we are all immigrants from all over the world. I demand you to go to detention. Dismissed” said Smith.

“Principle Smith has a point about this country being all immigrants, but time has change, now we in new era” said Gabriel.


2 hours later outside of school

“I hate detention, but it was worth it. I better head home before it gets darker.” said Gabriel as he heads for a train track.”I don’t think I’ll make it so I’ll just stay back” said Gabriel as the train passes.”Woah, I never seen a train like this. This is a military train. Oh I remember our president sent the national guard to defend the border” said Gabriel, as a bottle of soda with no label falls of the train and the train is now far away. “Free soda, don’t mind me” said Gabriel as he picks up the soda and drinks it.” That tasted nice” said Gabriel.


1 hour later near Gabriel’s house

“Uh my head hurts so much. I think I shouldn’t have drink that soda, but I’m finally home” said Gabriel as he opens the door.




“Can we not talked about it right now, My head hurt so much” said Gabriel looking at the floor.




“Ok, but can you be quiet?”said Gabriel in a low tone.


“WHAT, DID YOU TELL TO BE…” said Flor she gets talked over by Gabriel.


“I SAID BE QUIET!!” said Gabriel. Everything goes silence. “Thank you mom” said Gabriel as he goes to his room with his head down and he then sleeps. 12 hours later gabriel wakes up. “Wait what? It’s still night time?” said gabriel as he goes down stairs.”Mom?”said gabriel looking at his mom frozen in place. “Mom what happen to you, please talk to me. I’m going to get help ok” said Gabriel as he goes outside. “I NEED HELP PLEASE, SOMEone….” said Gabriel as he looks surprised.”WHAT? Why is everybody frozen in place? Did I do this? Said Gabriel as he cries and goes inside his house. “Mom, mommy please come back…I said CONTINUE” said Gabriel as his mom wakes up. “…QUIET” said flor looking surprised. “Mommmmyyy… Thank you mom, I’m so sorry please forgive me, I’ll never misbehaved ok” said Gabriel as he goes to his room.


“Ok..” said Flor still surprised for what had happened.


“It must have been the soda, that gave the ability to stop time, but how do I make it work? I gotta call Charles he probably knows” said Gabriel as he call Charles.


”Hey Gabriel can we not…”said Charles.


”Ok great, come to my house right now I gotta show you something” said Gabriel.


1 hour later. Ding Dong.

” Come in, Gabriel is up stairs” said Flor.


“This better be good Gabriel, I don’t even know why I even bother coming…” said Charles.


“BE QUIET” shouts Gabriel as he grabs Charles.


“Did you just say to be quiet to me, goodbye Gabriel” said Charles as he goes down stairs only to see Flor frozen in position.


“Hey Mrs.Flores, are you ok… hey Gabriel there something wrong with your mom” said Charles.


“Ok what I’m about to tell you might seen insane but I have powers to stop time” said Gabriel.


“WHAT?” said Charles as he goes outside. “No way…”said Charles surprised.


”I know right it’s crazy” said Gabriel.


“Lets go inside your house” said Charles, as they both go in side the house.

“I don’t know how it works though, but I have an idea. My idea is that I have be mad or feel some kinda emotion in order to work. But if I want to stop time and take someone with me then I just need to hold them” said Gabriel.


“Ok then resume time then” said Charles.


“I have to feel some type of emotion, make me mad or something” said Gabriel. Charles punches Gabriel in the face.


“That’s what you get for treating David like that” said Charles.


“OUCH, wtf Charles” shouted Gabriel.


“Everything ok up there” said Flor.


“YES mom, Charles is leaving” said Gabriel.


“Seeya Gabriel have fun with your new best friends”said Charles as he leaves Gabriel’s room.


Saturday 11:45 pm.

“Oh damn I have 15 minutes to get to James house, I’ll just stop time. STOP TIME” said Gabriel as time stops. 1 hour later at James house. “RESUME time” said Gabriel as time continues. Ding Dong.


“Hey Gabriel your early, are you ready?” said James.


” Of course Bro, Lets go” said Gabriel.


“Alright let me grab some stuff and wait for me at the car” said James.


“Alright Bro” said Gabriel. James open the car, he then opens the trunk to put a bag in it, they both get in the car. “What was in that bag?” said Gabriel.


“You’ll see once we get there” said James.


“By the way I gotta show you something that will blow your mind, I…”said Gabriel.


“OK ,OK, tell me later. We’re here” said James.


“What are we doing here so close to the border?” said Gabriel.


“We’re going to shoot some undocumented people” said James.

“Why?” said Gabriel looking surprised.


“I thought you were American and not hispanic?” said James.


“Yeah I’m 100% percent American, let’s go” said Gabriel. They go up a hill with the bag, James take two sniper rifles. He gives one to Gabriel. They go prone.


“I see two over there” said James as he’s looking through the scope.


“Wait, its a kid and his dad” said Gabriel looking through the scope. BOOM. “I got the dad, he’s on the ground lets get closer and kill him” said James as they get closer to the dad.


“Hey James, this is crazy how about we just leave, I think he got what he deserved, let’s just leave him” said Gabriel in a nervous tone, as they see the dad on floor.


“Por favor no me mates, tengo una familia” said the dad crying.


“How dare you come to this country and take our jobs and commit crimes, you don’t deserve to live” said James as he takes out his pistol.


“STOP” said Gabriel as a teardrop falls he then grabs on to the dad and kid. “¿Estás bien, puedes caminar?” said Gabriel.

“Si” said the dad.


“Ok, solo ve y toma este dinero para tu viaje” said Gabriel, as the dad and little girl go.


“Muchas gracias” said the dad. He then takes James to the cops and leaves him the way he was position with his gun out. He then goes to his house and lays on his bed and looks on the roof.


“RESUME” said Gabriel. “I know, I’m American but that doesn’t mean I have to forget where I came from. I’m hispanic and I should be proud. I should use my powers to help those who are undocumented people” said Gabriel with a smile.

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