Assignment # 2 — Research Essay Analyzing Anon(ymous)

Ary Sanchez

Professor Jay Polish

ENG 102 Writing Through Literature

May 7,  2018

How does being undocumented or having family members undocumented have an effect on a adolescent’s physiological health portrayed in Anon(ymous)?

In the play Anon(ymous) by Naomi Iizuka it depicts a boy named Anon whos goes on a journey to find his mother Nemasani. At the begin of the play, the chorus of refugees describes where they are from. Even though they don’t tell us where Anon is from we can assume that he represents the chorus of refugees, which is everybody other than Americans. We can also assume that he and his mother are undocumented immigrants. In the past decade many families have immigrated to the united states illegally due to some complications in the origin of their country. This has caused them to live under the shadow of America due to not wanting to be caught by Immigration and Customs Enforcement also know as ICE. Many undocumented immigrants are caught by ICE and are separated from their kids and family only to never see them again. These implications of being an undocumented immigrant can have a serious effects on the physiological health of a kid and adult. These can be depict in the play Anon(ymous), for example Anon who is separated from his mom Nemasni.

WAR in the middle east. POVERTY in Africa. CRIMES in south America. Even though there are other continents with problems these are the main problems. In the recent years many people in the middle east have died due to war between terrorist groups and others. These wars had cause in destruction in cities and homes in which people once lived. Many of this wars had tanks and bombs. Many of these tanks were offered by the united states in order to fight communist. Many of the bombs are from American planes who have not exploded when impact. In the recent years many people have died of starvation in Africa due to poverty. This is because there’s not a lot resource in some parts of Africa. Africa can’t make jobs as there is not much they can produce. Which leads to the country suffering from lack of money, food and other factors. Also many have died in south America due to the high rates of crimes. This is because there is a lot of crimes in south America due to drug lords and gangs. In many differents parts of south america there’s corruption because the drug lords and gangs buying the government and the police. One of these example is Pablo Emilio Escobar who’s net worth was estimated to about $56 billion dollars. He had almost controlled the whole country of Colombia. As he had offer the president to pay Colombia’s debt in order to be left alone and he had also have a puppet president.  That’s the many reasons why people come to the United states of America in the pursed of a better life. Many have sailed thousands of miles and many others have walked 1000 miles in order to reach America and this can take around days. Unlike others who have the luxury to go to another country in hours. Once arriving to this country many have to live in the shadows.

As time passes many of these undocumented immigrants have a stable live, many don’t have the best job in the world but at least it pays for the bills. They have a decent job, they then have a home and finally they have a family. But one day they receive a knock at door. They open the door only to see ICE. As the cops are arresting one parent, the adolescents are seeing this happened. But if the cops are arresting both parent, the adolescents are sent to an orphanage, foster home or foster family. This can cause “trauma occurring to children when families are separated by immigration policies”(Knopf). Also “Forced parent–child separation and parental loss are potentially traumatic events (PTEs) with adverse effects on children’s mental health”(Flores). There was a study conducted by American Psychological Association based on the mental health of citizen adolcensent’s whose parent was about to deported or detained. The study was conducted on 91 Latino U.S.-born children, ages 6 to 12, with mixed-status families. The results “indicate that PTSD symptoms as reported by parent were significantly higher for children of detained and deported parents compared to citizen children whose parents were either legal permanent residents or undocumented without prior contact with immigration enforcement”(Flores). It’s very hard to believe that a children whose parents are in danger of being detained and deported show PTSD symptoms at a very early age compare to those whose parents are legal permanent residents. Also “findings revealed differences in child internalizing problems associated with parental detention and deportation as reported by parent as well as differences in overall child functioning as reported by clinician”(Flores). This means that it affects the development of an adolescent physiological mind, meaning that these kids tend to be sad compare to other kids. Now the solution to this problem is not to separate kids from their parents but to take into consideration the best interest of Latino citizen children and take in factors, like a kids mental health.

The play Anon(ymous) is about Anon who got separated from his mom, and Anon goes on a journey to find her. If we compare our research to Anon(ymous), Anon shows signs of PTSD, trauma, and stress. Even though Anon is not a US citizen he stills shows signs of  PTSD, trauma, and stress. An example of this is on page 15 when Anon got separated from his mom. In this scene he remembers swimming in a storm. This shows of a tragic event that he has flashbacks, which is also known as trauma. But on page 25 he has the same flashback but this time he see his mom vanish which resulted them to be separated which is known as PTSD. This is goes well with my research because Anon and Nemasani got separated resulting Anon to have PTSD and trauma like the kids in the study.

We can assume that Anon is a adolescent, age 12-18. Anon shows signs of PTSD and trauma, but what are the symptoms of PTSD. Well according to the US Government “Children age 12 to 18 have symptoms more similar to adults: depression, anxiety, withdrawal, or reckless behavior like substance abuse or running away”. What about trauma symptoms? The symptoms of trauma are “Loss of interest in previously-enjoyed activities, Angry outbursts, Irritability, Behavioral inhibition, Reckless behaviors, Regression”(villagebh). Trauma and PTSD have similars symptoms. But these symptoms are portrayed in Anon.

If we exam the symptom reckless behaviors in Anon in the play there’s many scenes where he shows reckless behavior. One scene where Anon shows reckless behavior is on page 25. He meets a guy named Pascual whose around the same age as Anon. Anon then gets into a fight with Pascual. Anon then gets on a train with Pascual, which have resulted Anon getting hurt. This is clearly signs of reckless. Another example of reckless is on page 35. Anon meets Strygal who offers a ride to Anon and Belen on his truck. As they are driving, Anon hears people on Strygal’s back of his truck. Anon confronts him but Strygal denies it, Anon then tells him to stop the truck but Strygal doesn’t stop. Anon then tries to control the wheel but results in the truck crashing. Anon then sees these people going to place for dead people and those are the people died in truck. This was so reckless of Anon as he got people to die.

Many people from all of the world come to America to pursed of a better life, something that they didn’t have back home. So many are willing to sail and walk miles to get to America. Many are undocumented immigrants, who then establish a life here. These undocumented immigrants are detained and deported to their country of origin. But what people don’t realize is that this can cause some serious implications for a kid who is separated from his parents, like trauma and PTSD. A perfected example of this Anon who has trauma and PTSD and this can be seen in the play Anon(ymous).


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Research paper

Farzana Khan

Professor Jay Polish

ENG 102

May 7, 2018

How war causes memory loss to adolescent?

War is a clash between two nation and state.  War can be both harmful and helpful for people within that country. Some people find it helpful on how it shape them like being leaders or being helpful within their community. But at the same time war can cause more harmful affect for people’s health and to their community like destroying their house, famine, placing peoples in different countries, killing people and causing psychological problems for people. We can find all these incident happening in the play “Anonymous.” Anonymous is a play written by Naomi Iizuka, and in that play we can find a boy named Anon who gets separated from his mother because of the endless war in their country. He witnessed all the destructions happened by the war. Anon and his mother Nemasani tries to escape to a different place because of the war and a storm hits their boat and Anon ends up drowning in the ocean. Anon loses his memory and his mother ends up working in a factory.  Finally, Anon gains back his memory and goes to different places in search of his mother. This shows that one of the ways that war affect adolescent is through psychological problem such as memory loss.  Memory loss can be caused by witnessing the destruction of war, by depression and by the air pollution caused by the rise of industrialization. We can find all these factors affecting Anon’s memory loss in the play “Anonymous” by Naomi Iizuka. In this play, Anon faces all kind of conflict from starting with the war in their country to on finding his mother.

Memory loss can be temporary or permanent. Word like who are you?, I don’t remember you, are some of the words mentioned by the memory loss people. Anon experience a temporary memory loss where he gains it back later, and mentions some of these words during his memory loss period like, “I don’t remember”, “I don’t know how to begin. I don’t know where to begin” (Iizuka, p.4). After Anon got separated from his mother, his goddess friend Naja was helping him to remember his past. In that way he said these words to Naja to remind her that he doesn’t remember what happened to him. So, Naja told him to begin in the middle or somewhere in the border so, it can help him to gain some of his memory back. This proves that Anon has memory loss and all this happened after he and his mom tried to escape from their country where there was a war and when he drowned in the ocean. One way that war causes memory loss to adolescent is by witnessing the destruction of war. For example, from the article, “the invisible Trauma of War affected Children” the author states that, “children living in violent, terrorized environments experience such horrors as destruction of their homes, and the death of parents, siblings, neighbors and friends.” And even according to the article from live science, the author states that, “People who have been victims of or witnessed a traumatic event such as a violent crime or accident can also have their short-term memories affected”(Zimmermann).When comparing this to the play, the main character Anon has experienced the same situation. For example, in the play, the playwright states that, “where I come from there was a war that lasted so long. Where I come from bombs rained down from the sky night after night. The air smells like death” (Iizuka, p. 4). Anon is from a place where war lasted longer and adolescent like Anon were scared that they couldn’t even sleep at night that bomb will fall on them. Their places were full of death people laying down and they were inhaling that smell.  Anon witnessed these entire incidents and made him affected and his mom and him tried to escape from their country. According to the article, “the invisible Trauma of War affected Children”, it stats that, Witnessing these destruction makes hard for children to recover from traumas. This shows that all these things impact an adolescent’s mind by keeping them in memory and hard to forget those entire things they went through in their life. These incidents will be running through their mind and that shock will affect people by memory loss.

Another way that Anon experienced memory loss through war is by depression. An incident that really affected Anon’s mind is separation from his mother. In the play, “the last time I was in the ocean, I almost drowned. I was with my mom. We were in an old fishing boat. We were trying to escape and there was a storm” ( Iizuka p. 13). The war in their hometown made them migrate to a different place and that journey separated Anon from his mother.  This is an example of fear of death, where they escape from the war to reach a safer place which lead to depression by leaving their hometown and migrating to other country. According to the article from WebMD, “Memory Loss”, the author states that, “Being depressed can make it difficult to pay attention and focus, which can affect memory.” When relating depression to memory loss, the main character Anon also went through depression where he was looking for his mom. For instance, in the play, all he remembered was his mom. “I’m really homesick. What if you want to go home, but there’s no more home to go home to? What if the one person you love more than anything, what if they don’t remember you? What if they don’t even know who you are?” (Iizuka p.14).when he was trying to gain back his memory he remembered only his mother and he got scared that she would have forgotten him or she would have also loss her memory because of that incident they went through. This proves that, he’s scared that his mother would have forgotten him or he would never find his mother. He was thinking too much of this and where his mother would be and this made him depressed.  All these questions were running through his mind and people like Calista were trying to discourage his aim on finding his mom and making him even depressed. To illustrate, the playwright states that, “but it’s not even like she’s even part of your life anymore. I mean she’s probably dead, and even if she’s alive, it’s not like she’s been trying that hard to find you” (Iizuka p. 10). Calista’s words made him angry and depressed after she spoke about his mother. This proves that Depression can be one of the reasons for his memory loss.

Finally, war causes memory loss to adolescent by, air pollution caused by rise of industrial America. After war took place, countries developed their place by building factories, roads, and more transportation and so on. According to the article, “Industrial America” the author states that, “industrial growth transformed American society. It produced a new class of wealthy industrialists and a prosperous middle class.” In this play we can see Calista being in the class of wealthy where she demands Anon to listen to her. Such as, “you should be nice to me. I saved your life. You washed up on the shore of my dad’s luxury beachfront condo and you weren’t even breathing” (Iizuka p. 9). When Anon drowned in the ocean he landed in a different place and Calista saved his life. Since Calista was wealthy she started to ask him to do things that he didn’t like to do. Even when Anon was migrating to different places in search of his mother he found new things that he never seen before for example, the train. The playwright states that, “Pascal: the train’s right on time. Anon: train? What train?” (Iizuka p. 28). Anon met this boy who is from different country and they were trying to go to another place. That was when Anon first saw a Train. He even didn’t know that industrial were raising and everything changed. As there was a rise of industrial in America, factories were built. In the play there was a sewing factory, where Nemasani was working. According to the scholarly article, “the polluted brain” the author states that, “Some of the health risks of inhaling fine and ultrafine pollutant particles are well-established, such as asthma, lung cancer, and, most recently, heart disease. But a growing body of evidence suggests that such exposure can also harm the brain, accelerating cognitive aging, and may even increase risk of Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia”(Underwood).  We get these fine particles from the machine from factories and it gets mixed with the air and causes air pollution. People in those places inhale these particles from the air pollution and that leads to major health risks such as memory loss. This could be one the reason for Anon’s memory loss because he’s new to these changes and he’s new to those places so, he doesn’t know how to adapt to different places and there are chances that he could have inhaled these particles. This proves that air pollution caused by factories after war took places can causes memory loss to adolescent.

To conclude, this proves that war affect adolescent through psychological problem such as memory loss.  Memory loss can be caused by witnessing the destruction of war, by depression and by the air pollution caused by the rise of industrialization. The play also connects with these affects to prove that Anon went through memory loss because of the war he experienced.  Adolescent like Anon gets shocked by witnessing people dying, bombs falling down during war. People fled through different country and that journey separates loved ones and lead to depression. Even after war, like rise of industrialization affects adolescent mind through the air pollution that factory emits. All these issues affect adolescent by disturbing their brain through shocks and emotions feelings which leads to memory loss in adolescent.

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In this research paper I learned how to find and use academic journal and how to combine them along with our research paper. I can use this for my other classes or for upcoming essay to support my evidence. This research paper helped me to analysis the play by getting deeper into the play and by solving all the questions I had in the beginning while reading the play for the first time. I could have pushed my analysis even further by using some of other academic journal and combine them to get better understanding. I don’t think I used any rhetorical choices in my research paper. By peer reviewing, it helped me to develop my essay and to analysis it even better. Next time, I would like to focus on how to develop my essay even better. For my next assignment I would like to use Epithet rhetorical choices.

fan fiction ( final)

Jessica Caisaguano 

Professor Jay Polish 


March 26, 2018 

“ Poem For A Lady Whose Voice I Like” Fanfic

Its 2007 and the thing I thought would never happen to me happened. Im standing here motionless feeling nothing but my heart that feels as its about to burst out of my chest. As the realization hits me I can feel panic begin to evoke in me I was just raped. Im sitting in the shower praying that somehow in someway this water can wash away this disgust I am feeling and the lingering of his touch. “Why me ? Why me? “ To make things worse it was my best-friends boyfriend. The next few days I walked around feeling like a shell. Unfortunately things got worse, somehow a version of what happened made its way to my best friends ear. You see I had felt alone for days and after that it became reality, and with every whisper that went around it was another friendship broken. All my friends believed a story where I was somehow the villain. I tried to tell them what had truly happened but they thought I was trying to create a bandage to cover a big mistake I had made.  I couldn’t find my voice to keep fighting to get my friends to understand that what they knew was not what happened. That day I was left feeling like my story did not matter so I locked it away painted a smile and was left to deal on my own. Throughout the next year I was in a mental spiral. But enough was enough and I made a vow to myself to take the power back into my hands. I started by taking a self defense class it seemed like the right place to start. It made me feel powerful. I started doing things I loved again like acting. Its a bit twisted but I found pleasure in taking on different roles and being able to leave my life, even if just for the moment. [Time passes] Luck began to find me and I found success as an actress. The memories of that instance were locked away, and I hadn’t thought about them in years. Until now, I just wrapped filming on a show where I am playing a role of a girl who was sexually assaulted and becomes a vigilante who kills and maims men on campus who have raped and assaulted female students. It left me in a weird mind space. I began thinking of all the roles I had taken on where women have this smoke screen of being these strong bad ass women who can kick ass. But when you get to the nitty gritty of it these are just hyper-sexualized female protagonists who are able to “kick ass” with the best of them. They appear empowered, but their very existence is to serve pleasure too the heterosexual male viewer. 

** RING ** My thoughts where interrupted by a phone call from my manager, he says its urgent and I need to come to his office ASAP, he seems very excited so it must be something big!

My knocks on the door are received with a “come in!” from the other side. He says sit sit, I’ve got some exciting news a new role came up and the director asked for you directly! She perked up with excitement and says “oh yea what is it ? “ He begins to explain the role of how I would be a heroic women who fights villains. Its all sounding marvelous until he shows me the sketch up of the character. This halted my excitement, my eyes are drawn directly to her wardrobe that is made up of what looks like underwear and a top that is skin tight with boob cutouts. Im tired of playing roles that are overly sexualized and require so much skin to show. For a second I thought this was actually going to be a story about a strong bad ass woman. 

“I don’t want to do this role !”, he replies “ NO No no you don’t understand this movie has great revenue possibilities its a shoe in to be a hit it already has such an intense following, you can’t turn this down this is a career solidifying kind of role. Of courses thats all he could see the possible revenue his eyes were money signs at this point. “I want to do roles that are more complex and dynamic, a role that will allow me to show my talent, something meaningful”.  We get into a heated argument because he can’t see my point of reason. I bring up countless examples wonder women, cat-women, Harley Quinn, heroes and villains running around in tiny bikinis, catsuits with deep V-cuts, while flying around, fighting crime. Somehow my manager doesn’t see a problem with that.

so he said “You ain’t got no talent, if you didn’t have a face you wouldn’t be nobody” 

and I said  “god created heaven and earth and all thats black within them”

so he said “You ain’t really no hot shit they tell me plenty sisters take care better business than you”

Does being undocumented or having family members undocumented have an effect on a adolescent’s physiological health?

Does being undocumented or having family members undocumented have an effect on a adolescent’s physiological health?


In the recent decade many families have been torn apart. This is because the parents came to the united states illegally and therefore are sent back to their country of origin. Many adolescents are left here in america due to being American citizens. Often these adolescents are left in the care of foster homes, foster parents and orphanages. Although is truly sad as many never get another glimpse of their mom’s and dad’s face ever again. This has caused panic in families who have an undocumented family member. But this can be a problem for an adolescent whose brain is currently being developed depending on the age. This can have many physiological problems on a adolescent. These problems can be depression, stress, anxiety and so much more. Many of these symptoms can be reflected on Anon who got separated from his mom.

P1: First study on kids who got separated from their parents

P2: Second study on kids telling someone their parents are undocumented

P3: Long Term?



Does my question related to the play and is it good?

Is my thesis good enough?

Are my topics for my paragraphs relate to my question?


Latina/o Adolescents’ Family Undocumented-Status Disclosures Directed at School Counselors: A Latent Transition Analysis.


Immigration policy: Separating children from parents unnecessary and costly trauma.

Research Draft

Research: how war causes memory loss to adolescent?


War can cause many problems to survivors such as psychological problems after witnessing the destruction of war. According to the article, “Researchers have found that war has a remarkable and miraculous effect” it has stated that, “more than half the population had fled their homes, and some 70,000 people had died.” When comparing this to the play “Anonymous” by Naomi Iizuka, the main character Anon has experienced the same situation. For example, in the play, the author states that, “where I come from there was a war that lasted so long. Where I come from bombs rained down from the sky night after night. The air smells like death” (Naomi Iizuka, p. 4).   Anon witnessed these entire incidents and made him affected and his mom and him tried to escape from their country. This shows that all these things impact an adolescent’s mind by keeping them in memory and hard to forget those entire things they went through in their life.  This entire incident affected him and led to memory loss. One of the psychological problems after witnessing the destruction of war is memory loss.  Word like who are you?, I don’t remember you, are some of the words mentioned by the memory loss people. Even Anon has mentioned some of these words like, “I don’t remember”, “I don’t know how to begin. I don’t know where to begin” (Naomi Iizuka, p.4). Another incident that really affected his mind is separation from his mother. For example, in the play, “the last time I was in the ocean, I almost drowned. I was with my mom. We were in an old fishing boat. We were trying to escape and there was a storm” (Naomi Iizuka p. 13). This is an example of fear of death, where they escape from the war to reach a safer place. According to the article from WebMD, “Memory Loss”, the author states that, “Being depressed can make it difficult to pay attention and focus, which can affect memory.” When relating depression to memory loss, the main character Anon also went through depression where he was looking for his mom. For example, in the play, all he remembered was his mom. “I’m really homesick. What if you want to go home, but there’s no more home to go home to? What if the one person you love more than anything, what if they don’t remember you? What if they don’t even know who you are?” (Naomi Iizuka p.14). This proves that, he’s scared that his mother would have forgotten him or he would never find his mother. All these questions were running through his mind and people like Calista were trying to discourage his aim on finding his mom.


Work cited

Guo, Jeff. “Researchers Have Found That War Has a Remarkable and Miraculous Effect.” The Washington Post, WP Company, 28 June 2016,

Iizuka, Naomi. Anon(Ymous): a Drama. Playscripts, 2010.

“Memory Loss.” WebMD, WebMD,


  1. Is my essay well organized?
  2. Do I have to be more specific and clear in analyzing the play?
  3. Is there anything that I need to focus on or include?




Three questions about the play

  • where does Naja comes from and how does she know that Anon is with Calista?
  • why Anon is telling everyone a different name?
  • where did Pascal came from and what he was doing in the water?

Two body gestures

When  Nemasani began to remove the stitches of the shroud to avoid marrying Mr. Mackus i began to smile.

Another body gestures that inspired me was, when Helen Laius was listening to Nemasani’s story and when she gave her advise on how to overcome her sorrow. Even though Helen was senator’s wife, she was helping Nemasani and told her meditation and yoga are very helpful, i was nodding my head for this part.

Two sounds

I like the way how the play has an transition words for each scene . For example in page 15, ” the ocean transforms into the sewing factory” this shows that the scene is moving from ocean to a sewing factory scene.

Another sound that inspired me was, in page 5 i like the way how he combines the sound of war to the sewing factory.

Final draft

A few months earlier, the lady had just landed in the neighborhood. Having come from a poverty-stricken family, it is quite obvious that she was meant to be the breadwinner after the death of her parents in a street shoot-out. With no one to turn to for help to raise her little sister who was still in high school, the streets were the definite next of kin for her. She moved to the new city in the hope that life would be better until she found herself downtown selling her body for a living. Life had really shown her its back, and it was definitely her against the otherwise unfair world. Her only hope was her beauty and the fact that she was black in a street that was frequented by high-end white clients; she was a hot cake for the visiting businessmen from out of town.

The lady was quickly becoming a favorite of the clients and the fact that she was a no-nonsense lady gave her the nickname ‘Iron.’ Nobody knew that she only had herself and a sister who depended entirely on her. Clients loved her for her professionalism, and it is quite obvious that this earned her enemies within the circles. She had very few friends, and it is not once that she had to evade the fight with the other girls. Landing food on the table was her utmost priority and not even a jealous ‘colleague’ or the pinching cold, or even the nights of storms could stop her. Iron was a girl on a mission – to ensure her sister was comfortable.

This Tuesday evening she was out on the streets going about her business. Just them she was approached by a man who was just out of her league by all means. He was black, not driving, and definitely raised in the ghetto from the way he talked. She outright formed an opinion. He was not going to have her by any means. He was not even polite enough to throw a random ‘hi’ before he started his conversation. A moment of silence between them showed just how apart they had grown. She tried to remember where she had seen the face, but she could not quite place it. Iron turned to move away, and he grabbed her rather roughly. His grip was firm, and his eyes were searching, perhaps for the right words to tell her. She writhed in pain as his grip got harder and the pain became more. She was not going to have him treat her like that. A scuffle ensued and seeing the imminent scene that was looming, he let go, and she walked to a darker part of the street as he followed her quite too ‘faithfully,’ and she instinctively stopped on her tracks.

Iron had seen the face quite too often when she went around uptown with friends. The streets were dingy, and she swore she could smell ‘poverty’ all around – after all she had grown up in it and knew quite well the all familiar smell of it. However, she was not willing to let this short recollection of the streets to give her up – she was not going to let this man have her. After all, she was not one of the uptown ‘chics’ as they called them. This man was always sitting at the entrance of a shanty where her friends went to buy the coke. She would wait outside for them as she could not stand the stuffy smell in the dingy rooms. He would look at her and sometimes she swore that she could see him muttering a word to the guys next to him. Once in a while, she would see them pointing at her and whisper in low tones.

As the moment passed, the man gave a wry smile. He had finally got her. He grinned rather triumphantly as he sized her from head to toe and nodded his head as if in approval for his ‘meat.’ She could see the rest of the girls stealing glances her direction and whispering among themselves. She could feel the eyes on her as she stood there rather uncomfortably and with all her guards up. She could not let him mishandle her again, and she could feel his wicked gaze all over her. She looked straight ahead into the busy lane across from her, and she wished the world could break open to swallow her. No one spoke a word between them, and she could hear and feel her breath get louder and more painful. Her life was quickly unfolding before her eyes as if on replay. She remembered the death of her parents and how she found herself in this position. She thought of her sister at home, probably sound asleep or even doing her homework, or out with friends. She really did not care what she was doing at the moment except that she was alive, okay, and comfortable.

Just them his smile faded, and he said his first word, “How much for the hour?”

Final draft.

Sanjida Ridhe

Professor Jay Polish

ENG 102

April 10, 2018

A Poem For A Lady Whose Voice I like Fan Fic

Characters : Elena & Zacharia


“You ain’t got no talent

if you didn’t have a face

you wouldn’t be nobody..”

His words kept replaying in my head. God, I hated his voice. Every time I heard it. But nope. I won’t let him get to me.


“Fuck it was time”.


I had come home from work tired from a 13-hour shift. I place my jacket in the closet to my right and leave my keys on the counter. I was exhausted. The house was a mess. If anyone were to ever come over they’d be disgusted. I was disgusted. Seinfeld was on and Zach was opening a beer. *SNAP* OR *KLSKK*? Is that the sound of a beer cap opening? I notice some drip to the floor and I look over to Zach but he pays no attention. I roll my eyes. That’s another thing to clean up.

Zacharia and I had been together for 20 years now and I can’t remember the last time I saw a smile on his face. It was probably when we had first moved into the apartment we live in now but since then, his smile was gone. He’d been working at the laundromat down the block until it closed and got replaced by the burger shack he ironically now is a daily customer for. There was no money coming in, and the bills piled up. I had lost track of the last time he left his house besides to grab a smoke and a burger with his boys. I was the only type of income coming in. I had to be. I had been picking up extra shifts at the bakery and we still struggle to pay the rent. God, when did things go downhill? I wish I had an answer.

I grab the towel and I make my way over to the mess he still had paid no attention to.

“Hi, honey. What are you up to?” No answer, of course.

I move around him to clean. It was like I wasn’t even there. I mean, he had his beer and Seinfeld was on, I didn’t expect anything. I shouldn’t have. After getting up, I fix and organize a couple of magazines or to be specific Zach’s playboys. My eyes roll again. Zach started to mumble something.

“Elena, what’s that guy next door name again? The one with the fro? Leonard? Larry something?”

“You mean Lenny?”

“Yes him. Good job. Lenny came by. He wants you on his show. I said you’d do it for 80 per show. Understand?”.

“Excuse me? What do you mean you said I’d do it? Understand? Exactly who are you speaking to?”

God. Who the hell was he? “UNDERSTAND?” I could throw this towel on him, spill his beer and just leave. God, I just wanted to leave.

“Zacharia, I will not let myself be the very thing I am against. I won’t be dancing for anyone no matter how badly we need the money. Now, do YOU understand me? I am not just some ‘body’ you can control. I will not be one of those girls”.

I mess up the magazines, grab the towel and stomp away. I start to shuffle our mail in the kitchen with my back facing him. There’s a silence. I look to my left and watch the time. 3 minutes. It’s been 3 minutes. I hear the leather of the couch squeaking, and I hear the sound of a bottle hitting the table.  *Brr*. Believe me, I refrained myself from using this word to describe how I was feeling but that was literally it. I got literal chills down my back. I can hear him about to speak. Or yell, I should use the correct word. It was yell. He was about to start yelling.

“What do you mean you WON’T do it? You ungrateful prick. I got you a job. One show can finally pay off that damn cell phone bill of yours. I told Lenny you’d do it, and you will. Now go set dinner and go talk to Lenny and get more details. I don’t want to hear it anymore”.

Before I could speak, he had left the room. He walks into the bathroom and as the door closes I hear;

“You ain’t got no talent

if you didn’t have a face

you wouldn’t be nobody”


It’s 8 pm and we’re about to go on. I hear Lenny yelling “5 minutes!” My body was sore and itchy. Lenny made us all wear Burlesque outfits and the corset was actually sucking the life out of me. The feathers kept making its way to my mouth no matter how many times I’d spit it out. And these gloves, god these were stuck to my hands because of all the sweat.


“WHY the fuck did I do this. I don’t fucking need any of this shit.”

“I need to leave”.

I take a sneak peak, and what do you think I see? Zacharia and his boys breaking beers and screaming out “HEY! Start already”.

That was it. I couldn’t fucking satisfy Zach and sell myself out. That wasn’t the man I married. I take off the feathers and gloves and throw it to the floor. I can hear someone running up to me. It was Lenny. He grabbed me by the arm and said;


“Fuck you, and fuck this. Let me go”.

I grab my bag and I come out from backstage, and start walking rapidly. Zacharia starts yelling,

“HEY! Where do you think you’re going?! Do you know how much you now owe me for doing this childish shit? What’s wrong with you? Now get back there or don’t bother coming home.”

“How much I owe YOU? ME? Childish? You’re despicable. You wanna know something?”

He laughed. Why the fuck was he laughing at? I start to stare in confusion.

he said: “you pretty full of yourself ain’t chu?”

I was done. I realized if I had explained myself to him it would be going in through one ear and out with the other. I didn’t need this. I had friends and family back home who wouldn’t sell me out for a case of beers and Seinfeld, and treat me with the respect I deserve. I looked at the pile of garbage in front of me, took a deep breath and said:

“show me someone not full of herself   

and i’ll show you a hungry person”

I walk away. This was it. I didn’t bother looking back. Last words I hear are;

“Wtf is that supposed to mean?”

I laughed.

Reflection: While writing this fanfic, I had to learn to explore my mind and be as creative as possible. I had an easy and strong understanding of this poem and it only made sense to revolve it around a man taking control of a woman as if that’s his only purpose. Being explicit was risky, but what better way to explain and show frustration? I prefer fanfic over writing an essay because I got to explain this poem through a story of my own and not only was that exciting to do, I am quite proud of this work. Peer review is always great to get input and other ideas because not only is it a review of your work, it’s your audience wanting to help you improve your work.


Fan Fiction

Ary Sanchez 

Professor Jay Polish 

ENG 102 Writing Through Literature 

March 25, 2018 

“Poem For a Lady Whose Voice I Like”, Fan-fiction 

Before reading my fan fiction, I’ll like to describe somethings before. My fan fiction is about a movie called Hidden Figures which is based on a true story, and its about these three women of color who worked in NASA. I deicide to do a story of Katherine Johnson who worked on all the calculations. There’s this scene where the boss and she are arguing so I decided to that scene with the poem. The story is being told by Katherine Johnson and she is just remembering everything that she went through to get where she is. This essay has expanded my creativity in a way that I would have never imagine. I really had to use my head in order to create a story that goes with the poem. 

It was the 1950’s and it was the space race. We were in a race with the USSR to see who was the better country. Me and two other friends were working on how to launch a rocket at right angle. I did the all calculations for launching the rocket. We were all looking for the right answer to launch the rocket. Fail, after fail it looked like we were never go to be able to launch the rocket.  

One day I was working on my work and I had a lot of work to do but I had to use the bathroom, and I decided to use the bathroom, but the thing was that they didn’t have a bathroom for color people. I decided to go to a store near by which was two miles from the NASA HQ. After getting to the store I had to immediately go back to HQ, but it took me at least 30 minutes to get there. After getting there the boss was waiting for me. He then told me how I’m not smart and how I’m just a woman who doesn’t know anything. After telling me all these things I remember my life and what I gone through to get here. This is my story. 

Growing up in the south in the early 1900’s can be tough for a person who is a person of colored specialty when there’s Jim Crow Laws and no rights for anybody who is not white. My people just getting torture, kidnaped and even getting killed all because of our color of skin. But also, if you’re a woman, it can be really hard for people to respect you. There’s no rights for women as we can’t vote and do other stuff like men. Sometimes I wished I was white and a male. I could do so much stuff, but only one can imagine such thing. Growing up as women of the church have realized that everything happens for a reason. If the lord made me green or yellow, then it was for some reason and I should be grateful for the person he created.  

When going to school, I was so happy to go to school as I would learn so much things especially science class when we learned about space. I was always a big nerd, I would be top of my class, I would also get 100’s on every test. But the class I enjoyed the most had to be science. I can talk endless hours about space and how there’s millions and millions of planets out there but maybe some other time. I always wonder how long it must have taken G-d to create those planets. I always wanted to be a scientist, so I can work and study space. 

Coming home was not my favorite part of the day because that’s when reality struck in. I was always glad to see my parents and my brothers, but it was the conditions that we were living that made me hate life. My house was very small and was made out of any material we can use. When it would rain, there would just be water pouring in from the roof but at least we had a roof over my head. We have two rooms, one of the room is the kitchen/living room and the other room was my parents, brother, and me. It was crowed but I like that because I was with my family and I felt save. We also have land where we grow a range of vegetables. We usually grow them to eat but sometimes we have to sell them to make money. I like when we don’t have to sell crops because when we don’t we eat like kings, but that rarely happens.  

I love my family as they are the reason they keep me going. My dad is the best dad in the world as, I’m his favorite one. He has taught me so much stuff. But sadly, he is missing one hand. He says that it was an accident, but I don’t believe, I know what really happened. Then there’s my mom who I love and admire. She is a strong woman, sometimes I think she’s stronger then my dad. She works, cleans and cooks. Then there’s my older brother who is the best. When my dad is not at the house he takes the role of being my dad/brother. He dropped out of school to work at the farm. I know I had to drop out of school to work in the farms, but my brother dropped out, so I wouldn’t have to, and for that I’m truly grateful. I always thought to myself that I would be somebody important who would earn enough money, so I would help my family out, but at that time it would be something that I thought would never happen. 

After graduating from school with perfect grade, a nice gentleman came to me and asked me to study at their university. But I didn’t want to go because we didn’t have enough money for college. But he started to laugh, and he then said that it would be paid for free. At first, I didn’t believe him but after asking him 100 times if it was a joke, he said no. I was so happy that I went to hug my family and told them that “You guys are the reason why I keep going”. The day before I left to college, I spent the whole day thinking about my family and I don’t want to let them down. When it was the day to leave I told them “I would not let you down guys”. When I went to school I only saw white males and I just saw everybody staring at me like if had something on my face, but it was just the fact that my skin color was different from them. When I would want to raise my hand, people would just make fun of me. I was upset that people didn’t respect, this one time this person just wrote whore at my door. But that really didn’t stop me as I got every 100 on every test and I would often make my professors happy, but they were too scared to show their feelings for a person of colored. As time pass everybody respected me because they saw who was as a person. After graduating one of my favorite professor had told me they had a job at NASA, I couldn’t describe how happy I was. I accept the job and I couldn’t wait to start. 

After remembering all these things that happen in my life. I knew I was strong, smart and independent women. The reason why this man was insulting me is because he is jealous of who I am and what I am capable of. No one can’t judge me, only g-d can. 


Jaylin Pinguil

Fanfiction- For a Lady Whose Voice I Liked

ENG 102


Before reading my fanfic I’ll introduce you to the characters. Kevin is he said, Rick is his drug dealer, Bambi’s is a exotic dancer and she said will be know as she/her.

Tip Tip Tip.  Tip-Tap. Tip-tap  Tip-tap, tip-tap, tip-tap,  TIP-TAP, TIP-TAP, TIP-TAP

    The rhythm of rain drops slowly came to play a song as they fell on a dumpster that resigned in an alley, each drop making its sound known before disappearing. It doesn’t disappear completely, no never not until the sun comes out to dry it. But even then the droplets aren’t gone they always make their way back down. It’s beautiful really how something so small and insignificant is sent down from the heavens to fall on those who aren’t even clean enough to receive them. Yet one droplet decided to be kind and made its way through the cold metal, and fell on a man named Kevin who was sleeping inside. He slowly stirred groaning and moaning.

    Kevin placed his hand over his right eye and felt it throb and pulse. It feels wet he thought. As he was about to wipe away the water he realized that the pain in his eye was momentarily gone. He let the water stay where it was and he began to stretch his body. With every crack and pop he felt more and more relaxed. The garage underneath him did well as a bed and he was shielded from the rain. Yes life was good he thought but soon last night’s events came creeping back to him. He let out a sign and began to take off his old ragged coat, it wasn’t much. It had many holes and the pockets were worn out. The zipper that kept it closed was broken and it wasn’t all that warm. But that’s the good thing, bad looks are always good for fooling people. He chuckled and smiled as he pulled on the coats collar revealing a hidden baggy. Inside was syringe full of his “medicine” and a nice red cloth. He lifted up the sleeve of his shirt and quickly tied the cloth on his right arm. With so much practice he could do it in less than a minute. Picking up the syringe he felt his arm with the tip of the needle and found a nice place, one that wasn’t too bruised so it wouldn’t be too painful. Heck he really didn’t care all he needed was his medicine. With good aim he plunged the needle into his arm, breaking the skin and having some blood trickle down. As he released the fluid into his veins he laid his head back. Time to remember everything he said.

Nine hours earlier

Kevin- (walking towards Rick) Yo man whadup?

Rick- Nothing much just doing my deliveries, might go to the club later get a dancer.

Kevin- Hook me up brother I want to have a good time too.

Rick- Naw man it’s only business between us you know that. Don’t ya ever forget. (Smacks Kevin’s back.) But I’m feeling a little generous since our anniversary is tomorrow.

Kevin- Already? Damn I’ve known you for so long.

Rick- Since you was a teen Kevin old boy. You lucky to have me I taught you how to survive out here, and gave you a taste of the good life.

Kevin- You sure did boss. (Starts to rub and scratch his right arm.)

Rick- (stares at Kevin.) Already need your medicine? Damn boy I don’t know what to tell you. Until you pay me back for the other times I handed some your way I ain’t gonna give you none more.

Kevin- Aww come on just a little?

Rick-No man, and don’t start with the shitty whining I’ll mess you up. But I will buy you a beer come on let’s go to the club.

Kevin- Ok let’s go.

Both walk seven blocks passing by a alley and into a small club.

Rick-Alright sit down here and I’ll get the drinks.

Kevin- Ok ok I’m sitten. ( Leans back in booth.)

Rick- ( walks over with a girl holding a beer.) I’m gonna introduce you to my girl. Her name be Bambi she is the best dancer here!

Kevin- Nice to meet you and thanks for the beer.

Bambi-(irritated turning to Rick) I don’t care about your friend all I want are my meds got it? (Slams beer on table.) Hurry up and hand it over.

Rick- Aww come on just give me a kiss and be nice. Here you go. ( Hands over a baggy with a red cloth.)

Bambi- Now that what I like. Thanks baby I’m just gonna save it for after my performance. I’ll be back. (Walks backstage.)

Rick- Ok well enjoy your beer and get out. I’m gonna do my rounds here and check on my girl later. (Walks off.)

    I watched Rick closely and waited for him to be completely out of sight while fumbling with the bottle. I don’t really care much for beer what I really want is my medication. Looking to the direction that Bambi went, I quickly got up and headed for the backstage. Peeking through the curtains I saw all the dancers leaving through a door on the left, glancing around I saw Bambi stuffing her baggy in her purse and running off to join the others. As soon as that door closed I ran over and grabbed her bag, ripping it open and looking for the meds. She stashed it all the way in the bottom, hidden by all her makeup and money. Grabbing the baggy and throwing the purse down I made my way towards the exit while stuffing the baggy in my coat. As soon as I lifted the curtain I was face to face with Rick, he looked surprised to see me but as he turned his eyes behind me he gave me a cold stare. Before I knew it he collided his fist to my eye, I was thrown to the ground seeing stars. He was yelling at me but I didn’t understand a damn word I was in a daze. Getting up seemed to make him even angrier, and as I struggled to focus my vision on him all I saw was him reach towards his back pocket. I wasn’t gonna stand there and get stabbed, with the little coordination left in me and a heart full of adrenaline I ran. I shoved him aside and grabbed the curtains, tearing them from their hooks and throwing them over him. I made it to the exit and looked back Rick was almost free and with that I took off. Looking at the alley we passed I entered running until I found a dumpster close to the end. I jumped inside and brought the lid down, I could hear Ricks footsteps hitting the pavement loudly. Closing my eyes I prayed he wouldn’t find me I stood still barely breathing. All I could hear was my heart pounding fast almost breaking my ribs. God I hope he can’t hear my heart, I just laid there quietly waiting for him to leave. Soon darkness enveloped my tired body and I fell asleep.


I shot up almost surprised that I was out for so long, looking at my arm I could see that the syringe was still there. Chuckling I injected the rest and untied the cloth. Putting on my coat I felt more confident Rick was long gone, peeking through the dumpsters lid I saw no one was there and it had stopped raining. Slowly climbing out I made my way to the alleys mouth but before exiting I saw a woman pass by. She was incredibly beautiful, walking with such grace and so much confidence. Even her own damn clothes spoke for themselves. Her head was held high almost as if everyone around her were nothing compared to her. This angered me in a way I have never felt before so much that my heart felt pain and the burning sensation of venom. I was about to turn into a snake and spite her with my words so that her radiant light would fade away and I could be left in the sweet delight of darkness.

I made my way to her following the clicks of her heels and yelled “you pretty full of yourself ain’t chu.” With the last word leaving my lips she stopped, her heels only making clicks as she turned to face me. She said nothing and only stared at me I continued my assault with “ you ain’t really no hot shit they tell me plenty sisters take care better business than you.” Still there was no reaction from her ticking me off even more but then I realized she probably has nothing to say. She is just a weak woman as I thought simply with a good disguise. With the last of my venom I said “ if the white folks hadn’t been under yo skirt and been giving you the big play you’d a had to come on uptown like everyone else.” With that she finally spoke. Her words pierced my small heart like the knife I should have felt before, knocking the wind out of me and making me fall on my knees. She said “ show me someone not full of herself and I’ll show you a hungry person.” With that she walked away clearly having defeated me.

My heart oh how it hurt as I clutched my chest and felt so much pain. Looking down I saw the reflection of myself in a puddle. I saw a broken man both physically and mentally. I’ve spent so many years suffering living on the street. I have no family to go to I was unwanted the only thing that ever made the pain of loneliness and hate go away was my medicine. I rather have medicine than feed myself, just staring at my sunken face made me sick. I couldn’t take the pain anymore I just laid my body down and closed my eyes. It started to drizzle and rain began to hit my body. It felt as if my sins were being washed away with every droplet. Smiling I felt my body completely relax, foam began to form in my mouth and I began to shake. As quickly as it came it left and I felt ready to sleep. But I knew that this time I wouldn’t wake up. I just wish I could have had the chance to become the man I wanted to be. One worthy to look into a puddle and not feel ashamed but full of myself.