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A) This was taken on 103 Street Roosevelt Ave B) Poster was on a supermarket window C) The Language is both English and Spanish D) In Spanish, It says “Buy your tickets here and now!”

Linguistic Landscape (Scott)

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a) This picture was taken Jamaica, Queens on 90th Ave. b) The languages that are being used are Spanish and English. c) I have no idea what the words in Spanish say other than “the national” that is located above next to “pay bills”. However, I am completely guessing.

Linguistic Landscape, Malekie

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This is the banner of my local Chinese food store at Farmers Boulevard in Saint Albans Queens. The the sign is mostly in English, the name of the store is Chinese (though the words uses the Latin alphabet rather than Chinese characters). The sign is simple with it’s purpose, letting anyone who passes by know the name of their restaurant

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Daysi/ October 15, 2018/ Linguistic Landscape/ 0 comments

This picture was taken on Roosevelt Ave. The languages here presented are English The sign shows signals, the name of a trade school and its address, it shows the rules for parking, graffiti, traffic signals, and also it shows banners to show propaganda of some sort of website.

Linguistic Landscape

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a) Where was this picture taken? Main Street Flushing b) What languages area used? English, Chinese, and Japanese. c) What does the sign say? English says anime castle. Chinese on the left says anime and on the right says manga. And the Japanese in the middle says anime.


Stephanie/ October 15, 2018/ Linguistic Landscape/ 0 comments

  This picture was taken by my elementary school that is being renovated. The languages used are English and Spanish. It is telling people it is a hardhat area, the workers must be protected at all times and discretion to people to be careful when passing by the area.

Linguistic Landscape – Norely

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a) where was the picture taken? -Public Restroom in Pier 17, Seaport b) what language(s) are used? -English, Chinese and Spanish c) what do the signs say? – The sign is asking civilians to not stand on the toilet seats when using the restroom and demonstrates the proper way to sit on the toilet.

(Manisha) Linguistic Landscape

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A) Where was the picture taken? The picture was taken in Jackson Heights (74th Street). B) What language(s) are used? In the picture, you can see that the signs are in English and it’s not as noticeable but by the door, there’s a sign in Bengali as well. C) What do the signs say? The most noticeable sign in the

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(Alisia) Linguistic Landscape Hmwk

Alisia/ October 14, 2018/ Linguistic Landscape/ 0 comments

This is a church that is down the block from my house. From my observations it looks like two languages, English and another language. The signs are all different, parking, the name of the church, mass times and other little signs.